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After a decade teaching secondary English literature and composition and Theater Arts, I stayed home as primary caregiver to my now elementary-aged kiddo. Along side that, I pursued my MA in English Lit., which lead me to the beautiful and fascinating world of periodical studies in the long 19th century. After a few years as an independent scholar and adjunct instructor at the tertiary level, I returned to graduate school to deepen and expand my knowledge and frames of reference.

MemberTaryn Hakala

…Phi Beta Kappa

Modern Language Association 

North American Victorian Studies Association 

Melodrama Research Consortium 

Nineteenth-Century Theatre Caucus 

Working-Class Studies Association…
…ialect and Literature in the Long Nineteenth Century. Ed. Jane Hodson. New York, NY: Routledge, 2017, pp. 146-161.

“M. R. Lahee and the Lancashire Lads: Gender and Class in Victorian Dialect Writing.” Philological Quarterly 92.2 (Spring 2013): 271-288.

“A Great Man in Clogs: Performing Authenticity in Victorian Lancashire.” Victorian Studies 52.3 (Spring 2010): 387-412….

I serve as a member of the Modern Language Association’s Delegate Assembly, representing the Language Change Forum. My research interests lie at the intersection of language and literature. I am particularly interested in the linguistic performance of social identity and the ways in which stylistic variation is represented in literature. I am currently finishing my first book, Dialect Acts: Identity Performance on the Victorian Page and Stage.

MemberJan Christopher Susina

Jan Susina is a professor of English at Illinois State University where he specializes in courses on children’s and adolescent literature, Victorian studies, and visual narratives. His bookThe Place of Lewis Carroll in Children’s Literature (Routledge 2009, 2011), examines how the author of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland significantly changed not only literature for children but book publishing as well. Interviews with Susina about children’s and adolescent literature and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland in particular have appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, NPR, Huffington Post, Newsweek, and USA Today. Susina has taught at Illinois State University, Kansas State University, Wheaton College in Massachusetts, and Indiana University-Bloomington.

MemberDaniel Wright

…“Thomas Hardy’s Groundwork,” forthcoming in PMLA

“Revolutions of the Ordinary: Victorian Studies and the Turn to Ordinary Language,” Victorian Literature and Culture,” 2019

Bad Logic: Reasoning about Desire in the Victorian Novel, Johns Hopkins UP, 2018

“Let Them Be: Dickens’s Stupid Politics,” Dickens Studies Annual, 2015

“George Eliot’s Vagueness,” Victorian Studies, 2014

“Because I Do: Trollope, Tautology, and Desire,” ELH, 2013…

I specialize in the Victorian novel, literature and philosophy, gender and sexuality, and psychoanalysis. My first book, Bad Logic: Reasoning about Desire in the Victorian Novel, was published by Johns Hopkins UP in Spring 2018.

MemberDaniel Williams

…ocial Space, by Anna Kornbluh. Public Books (January 28, 2020).

“Ecological Form: System and Aesthetics in the Age of Empire,” ed. Nathan K. Hensley and Philip Steer.  Nineteenth-Century Contexts (2020).

“Victorian Writers and the Environment: Ecocritical Perspectives, edited by Laurence W. Mazzeno and Ronald D. Morrison.” Victorian Studies 60.2 (2018): 314–16.

“Victorian Ecocriticism for the Anthropocene.” Review Essay. Victorian Literature and Culture 45.3 (2017): 667–684.

“Good Form: The Ethical Experience of the Victorian Novel, by Jesse Rosenthal.” MLN: Modern Language Notes 132.5 (Comparative Literature Issue) (2017): 1356–60.

British Literature, Victorian Literature and Culture, Romanticism, South African Literature, Novel, Poetry, Literary Theory and Criticism, Philosophy, Intellectual History, Science, History of Science, Literature and Science, Mathematics and Literature, Law and Literature, Animal Studies

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Interdisciplinary Nineteenth-Century Studies…

I am an interdisciplinary scholar of literature and performance, with research and teaching experience in literary approaches to drama and the novel, in performance studies and theatre history, and in feminist and critical race theories. 

MemberPamela K. Gilbert

“’A Horrid Game’:  Woman as a Social Entity in Christina Rossetti’s Prose.”  English: The Journal of the English Association. 41 (Spring 1992): 1-23.





            “Mary Elizabeth Braddon.” Oxford Bibliography Online in Victorian Studies.  “Mary Elizabeth Braddon.”  2010. Annotated and selected bibliography with introductory text.  Approximately 10,000 words.  (I am a Contributing Editor for this publication.)


“Sexuality.” Oxford Bibliography Online in Victorian Studies.  2011. Annotated and selected bibliography with introducto…

Victorian novel, history of medicine, medical humanities, gender, popular fiction

MemberDenae Dyck, PhD

…217;s Religion and Spiritualities Caucus. On Zoom. 16 October 2021, 9:30am – 11:00am (Pacific Time). Register here by 4 October 2021.

Speaker, “Challenging (Un)Conversions: Religious Dynamism in Victorian Women’s Autobiographies.” Roundtable Session on “Unsettling Religious Language.” North American Victorian Studies Association. Vancouver, BC. 3 – 5 March 2022.

Interviews & Podcast Episodes

Interview with Phil Cox. “Focus on Research” series, UVic Humanities, 13 August 2021.

Guest speaker, “Calling all Bibliophiles.” Hosted by Va…
…Association of Canadian College and University Teachers of English

Modern Language Association

North American Victorian Studies Association

Victorian Studies Association of Western Canada

…nities project, a series of virtual events and open education resources on Victorian material culture.

I am an active member of several scholarly associations, and I am passionate about community engaged learning and outward-facing initiatives. Since 2018, I have co-convened the Religion and Spiritualities caucus of the North American Victorian Studies Association.

During recent years, I have also worked as a research assistant / consultant for the SSHRC-funded Digital Victorian Periodical Poetry project, housed at UVic (principal investigator: Dr. Alison Chapman).

Courses Taught

“English Literature 1800 to 1914.” Department of English, University of Victo…

My research and teaching specialties include nineteenth-century British literature and culture, literature and religion/spirituality, life writing, and rhetoric and composition. I’m especially interested in how Victorian writers turned to wisdom literature, a genre that privileges questioning and dialogue, to reframe their experiences of uncertainty and doubt. My current book project (provisionally entitled Forming Wisdom: Victorian Hermeneutics and the Literary Imagination) argues that Victorian debates about the interpretation of sacred texts generated new concepts of readerly agency that still matter to literary and cultural studies today. My work has been generously supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, the Centre for Studies in Religion and Society at UVic, and the Visiting Scholars Program of the Armstrong Browning Library.  I am honoured to have received UVic’s Governor General’s Gold Medal Award (2021).

MemberAndrea Kaston Tange

…a Presence Abroad

Architectural Identities: Domesticity, Literature, and the Victorian Middle Classes, University of Toronto Press, 2010. Named a Choice Outstanding Academic Title of the year. Reviewed in Nineteenth-Century Contexts, Nineteenth-Century Literature, Review19, Studies in English Literature, Victorian Periodicals Review, Victorian Studies.


“Maternity Betrayed: Circulating Images of English Motherhood in India, 1857-1858,” Nineteenth-Century Contexts 35.2 (May 2013): 187-215.

“Nineteenth-Century British Childhoods: Teaching at the Nexus of Children, Empire and Visual Culture,” Victorians Institute Journal 39 (2011): 47-69. (solici…

Nineteenth-century travel narratives and the formation of empire; identity and global, colonial politics; visual culture, particularly representations of the self and the foreign; nineteenth-century Jewish life and migrations; the development of literature for children; architecture and material culture; Victorian domestic life.