Zoe Tsiami studied eastern Roman cities during the Late Antique period at the University of Thessaly and now she is writing her doctoral thesis on early Christian catechesis and baptism in Asia Minor. She is collaborating with the Orthodox Academy of Crete, on the academic journal’s publication “After Constantine”, as well as with the public history network “Historistai”. She has published papers and conducted workshops in Greece relevant to early Christian writings and history.


University of Thessaly, Doctoral Student


  • Tsiami Z. (2024). From Ephesus to Antioch: Early Baptism and Naming Practices in Asia Minor. Theology & Life No. 5-9 (under publication).

  • Tsiami Z. (2024). Saintly Naming: The Role of Christian Saints in Late Antique Naming Practices in Asia Minor. Theology & Life No. 9-12 (under publication).

  • Tsiami Z. (2024). The Question over Re-baptism: Heretical Challenges to Orthodox Views on Baptism in Late Antiquity. The Church and the Otherness (Volume under publication).

  • Tsiami Z., Views of early Apostolic sermons at F. Dostoevsky ‘s ‘A ridiculous man’s Dream‘, Στέπα,13, March 2019 (Language: Greek).


After Constantine: Stories from the Late Antique and Early Byzantine Era, Online Scientific Journal, Orthodox Academy of Crete


Orthodox Academy of Crete

Zoe Tsiami

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