• Global Indigeneity
    Considers theoretical and political questions raised by the model of “trans-indigeneity” paying attention to indigenous mythologies, histories of settler colonialism, and questions of comparison, translation, resistance, language, and appropriation. 300-word abstract and short bio.
    Deadline for submissions: Friday, 20 March 2020
    Ahmed Idrissi Alami, Purdue U (aidrissi@purdue.edu ) Neville W. Hoad, The University of Texas at Austin (nhoad@austin.utexas.edu )

    The Persistence of Palestine
    Beyond its national and all-too-human struggle, how and why has Palestine, as an idea and a question, persisted and become a defining ethos of/within the Humanities today? 300-word abstract, short bio
    Deadline for submissions: Sunday, 22 March 2020
    Ala A. Alryyes, Queens C, CUNY (alryyes@alum.mit.edu )

    Beyond Arab Dystopia: Hope in the Humanities
    Against notion of “inḥiṭāṭ”, articulations and negotiations of classical Arabic-Islamic images, discourses, practices of pluralism, tolerance, multiculturalism, multilingualism, translation as sites of a new humanism. 300-word abstract, bio.
    Deadline for submissions: Wednesday, 25 March 2020
    Rasha Chatta, SOAS, U of London (rc49@soas.ac.uk )