I currently teach Biblical Literature at Georgetown University, having completed my PhD in the Hebrew Bible and Ancient Near East under the advisement of Mark S. Smith at New York University. My dissertation was a study of the poetic laments over fallen warriors in the Homeric Epic tradition and the Hebrew Bible.

Dissertation “David, Achilles, and the Women’s Laments: Lamentation over the Fallen Warrior in Homer and the Hebrew Bible.”


Hebrew Bible, Biblical Poetry, Early/Archaic Greek Poetry, Oral Poetics, Eastern Mediterranean Cross-cultural Interaction, Levantine Archaeology


PhD New York University; September, 2021
Hebrew and Judaic Studies: Hebrew Bible
MPhil New York University; 2018
Hebrew and Judaic Studies
MA University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA); 2013
Near Eastern Languages and Cultures
BA Brandeis University; 2010
Classics; Near Eastern and Judaic Studies


“Like Golden Aphrodite: Grieving Women in the Homeric Epics and Aphrodite’s Lament for Adonis.” Classical Quarterly 70.2 (2020). 485-498.

“Oh, That One Would Hear Me! The Dialogue of Job, Unanswered.” Catholic Biblical Quarterly 82.4 (2020). 582-604.

“Aesop and Jotham’s Parable of the Trees (Judges 9:8-15).” Vetus Testamentum 69.1 (2019). 81-94.

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