• Marisa Verna deposited “Sacrificio, forza e debolezza ne La peste di Camus” on MLA Commons 4 days, 22 hours ago

    In this essay we reinterpret Camus’s novel The Plague in light of the urgency of history, that with Covid 19 pandemia made us face a real pestilence, thus allowing us to read reality and fiction as even. Our rereading relativizes the traditional allegoric interpretation of critics, while at the same time it widens its perspectives. It is in fact in the universality of illness that evil acquires its authentic value in the novel, both in its ethical dimension than in its social and political stance. For our analysis we focus on the stylistic level, considered by Camus himself as the most appropriate key to understand the novel, built as a Greek tragedy and as such not reducible to specific ideological dimension.