• This paper analyses the category of space in Fanny Taillandier’s last novel Par les
    écrans du monde. We argue that Taillandier tries to “make sense” of 9/11 terrorist attack
    through a stylistic recomposition of the dimension of space, while situating it in a
    “geometry of words” that makes it meaningful and human again. In effect, in Taillandier’s
    novel, the devastation and the final regeneration of the city are conveyed by
    a verbal picture, where images that constantly flow in the media find a solidity that
    no “digital modeling” (Taillandier) could reach, being the digital representation only
    able to show (and rationalize) chaos. Literature, on the other hand, bears human life.
    Our theoretical framework is the “Geopoetic” approach, as it is conceived by Kenneth
    White, Michel Collot and the Canadian research group of Marcello Vitali-Rosati and
    Servanne Montjour.