I am a student, writer, literary critic, and interdisciplinary feminist scholar who is interested in the relationship between narrative, alternate feminist historiographies, and social change. Particularly, I am interested in looking at the subversive potential of the modernist aesthetics of literary and historic rupture to create alternate feminist literary archives using postcolonial literature. I am keen to continue resituating twentieth-century modernisms in relation to postcolonialism, distilling transnational and transhistorical ideas, aesthetic forms, and the ability of postcolonial fiction to unsettle Eurocentric literary hegemonies.

My public-facing work includes reviews, essays, and literary presentations.

I’m currently a prospective PhD applicant.


MSc. Literature and Modernity: 1900 to the present
University of Edinburgh
With a distinguished dissertation.


B.A. (Hons.) English (First Division)
University of Delhi
May 2021

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