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    I am a Lecturer in English and Research Fellow for the project Laboratory Adelaide: The Value of Culture in the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences at Flinders University in South Australia.  I serve on the boards of the Australasian Association of Digital Humanities and the Australasian Consortium of Humanities Research Centres.

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    Forthcoming “Distributed reading: Literary reading in diverse environments” for special issue of Digital Humanities Quarterly (DHQ) on Distracted Reading, edited by Marion Thain.
    Forthcoming 2018 “Assembling the Body/Text: Frankenstein in New Media,” Tully Barnett and Ben Kooyman in Dennis Perry and Dennis Cutchins (eds) Adapting Frankenstein Manchester United Press
    2017 “Counting Culture to Death” with Robert Phiddian, Richard Maltby and Julian Meyrick. Cultural Trends. 26.2 Policy Perspective section 174-180
    2017 “Culture without “world”: Australian cultural policy in the age of stupid.” Julian Meyrick and Tully Barnett, Cultural Trends: 107-124
    2017 “Growing up with Tess: Contexts, Close Reading and Theoretical Analysis,” Tully Barnett, Alice Healy-Ingram, Kate Douglas, in Conditions of Assent ed Tim Dolin and Patricia Dowsett
    2016 “The Cure Has Killed Us All: Dramatizing Medical Ethics,” by Tully Barnett and Ben Kooyman, in The Walking Med, edited by Sherryl Vint and Lorenzo Servitje, Penn State University Press.
    2016, “The Human Trace in Google Books”, Border Crossings Proceedings of Flinders Institute for Research in the Humanities Conference. Wakefield Press.
    2015 “Platforms for Social Reading: Material Imagery in Digital Book Formats” Scholarly and Research Communication 6.4
    2015 “Building reading resilience: re-thinking reading for the literary studies classroom,” co-authored by Douglas, Barnett, Poletti, Seaboyer, Kennedy, Higher Education and Research Development pp1-13
    2015 “The Affect of not Reading: Hating Characters, Being Bored, Feeling Stupid.” co-authored with Anna Poletti, Rosanne Kennedy, Judith Seaboyer and Kate Douglas, Arts and Humanities in Higher Education,
    2014, with Associate Professor Kate Douglas, “Teaching Traumatic Life Narratives: Affect, Witnessing and Ethics” Antipodes 28.1: 46-61.
    2014 “Social Reading: The Kindle’s Social Highlighting Function and Emerging Reading Practices” Australian Humanities Review Special Issue: Revealing the Reader.
    2014 “Monstrous agents: cyberfeminist digital media and activism.” Ada: A Journal of Gender, New Media, and Technology, Issue 4, May.
    2013 “Reading Saved Me’: Transformative Reading Experiences in Life Narrative,” Prose Studies: History, Theory, Criticism. Volume 35, Issue 1.
    2012 with Ben Kooyman, “Repackaging Popular Culture: Commentary and Critique in Community,Networking Knowledge, Volume 5, Number 2, pp. 109-134.
    2012 “Remediating the Infected Body: Writing the Viral Self in Melinda Rackham’s carrier”, Biography Special Issue: (Post)Human Lives, Volume 35, Number 1 (Winter), pp. 45-64. This special issue won the Council of Editors of Learned Journals Award for best special issue.
    2009 “Technology, the Human and the Sublime in Contemporary Literary Fiction,” AUMLA: Special Issue. December 2009 Available:,%20Proceedings.pdf  (ISSN 0001-2793)
    2006 “Lucky Escape: Sexuality and Otherness in Lee Kok Liang’s London Journal,” London was Full of Rooms, edited by Tully Barnett, Nena Bierbaum, Syd Harrex, Rick Hosking and Graham Tulloch, Wakefield Press, Kent Town, ISBN 1 921013 08 7, the proceedings of the 2003 CRNLE Writing London conference.
    2005 “The Many Modern Circles of Hell: Dante’s Legacy in Janette Turner Hospital’s Literary Thrillers” in Flinders Dante Conferences 2002 & 2004, edited by Margaret Baker, Flavia Coassin & Diana Glenn, Adelaide: Lythrum Press, pp. 190-199.

    Popular Press
    2016    “Why a Scorecard for the Arts is a Very Bad Idea,” co-authored with Robert Phiddian, Richard Maltby and Julian Meyrick. October The Conversation
    2016    “Carnage in the arts: experts respond to the Australia Council cuts”, co-authored with Jo Caust, Joanna Mendelssohn, Julian Meyrick, Maria Miranda, 13 May,  The Conversation
    2016 “Lessons for SA from Victoria’s “Creative State”” Co-authored with Julian Meyrick. InDaily 12 May
    2016 “Vibrant What? The Failed Language of Cultural Policy,” co-authored with Julian Meyrick, Robert Phiddian and Heather Robinson.  InDaily29 February  
    2015 “Senate Inquiry into arts funding: Testimony and Truth in South Australia” co-authored with Julian Meyrick, The Conversation 22 September,
    2015 “Ten dos and don’ts for thinking about arts funding and the National Programme for Excellence in the Arts” co-authored with Julian Meyrick, The Conversation 18 August,
    2015 “Are the humanities in crisis? In Australia, the sector is thriving” sole-authored The Conversation, 27 April,
    2015 “Adelaide is spending big on arts infrastructure – but who benefits?” co-authored with Julian Meyrick The Conversation,  23 March,
    2014 “SA Arts: Enough with the Numbers” co-authored with Julian Meyrick.  InDaily 24 November

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