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    CFP: 2024 MLA in Philadelphia

    There is still time to submit a proposal for these three panels organized by the LLC 18th-century France (including one non-guaranteed panel co-organized with LLC 17th-century France)!

    France in the Eighteenth-Century Americas
    This panel invites contributions on the intersections between France and eighteenth-century Americas. We solicit abstracts on a broad range of topics, methodologies, and perspectives, from literary interpretations and cultural studies to pedagogical approaches. We are especially interested in papers that investigate the following: French literature depicting the Americas; the influence of Native Americans on French conceptions of the state of nature; the cultures and legacies of French-speaking communities in cities (Cap Français, Montréal, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Québec, Saint Louis), river valleys (Mississippi, Ohio, Saint Lawrence) and islands (Saint-Domingue, Guadeloupe, Martinique); and the presence of American Revolutionary figures in France. Please submit abstracts to scott.m.sanders@dartmouth.edu by Monday, 20 March 2023.

    Media and Mediatization in the Eighteenth Century Francosphere
    This session explores media (means of communication in all their forms) and its dissemination/propagation in 18c French-speaking places. Possible topics could include but are certainly not limited to: 18c correspondence and epistolary networks; journalism; pamphleteering; vulgarisation efforts; the dissemination of ideas through novels, plays, poetry, and other creative sources. Presentations on contemporary mediatization of 18c themes, events, and practices are also welcome, as are presentations on teaching in 18c Francosphere. Please send abstracts to logan.connors@miami.edu before Monday, March 20th, 2023.

    Health, Care, and Disability in the Early Modern Francophone World
    Co-organized with the MLA Forum on 17th-Century French Language, Literature, and Culture
    This non-guaranteed panel invites contributions that explore notions of health, care, and disability in early modern Francophone spaces in various contexts and perspectives. Potential topics might include (but are certainly not limited to): the relation between care, charity, and religion in the early modern; literature featuring characters with disabilities; texts that challenge gendered notions of care; the various ways bodily ability are articulated in different spaces within the early Francophone world. We especially welcome papers engaging with these topics from global and/or intersectional perspectives, as well as those considering diachronic and transtemporal approaches. Please submit abstracts to trutler@psu.edu and alani_hicks-bartlett@brown.edu by Monday, March 20th, 2023.