I am a historian of modern Britain, teaching mainly social and environmental history across the eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth centuries. My research interests focus on the intersection of society and nature in modern Britain; especially popular and everyday experiences of environmental change. I am also interested in histories that take place at the edge of the British Isles. My work makes significant use of personal testimonies as historical evidence, be these oral tellings, written autobiography, or social survey, in an effort to tell counter-stories of environmental change and social justice.

Other Publications

  • with A. Green, ‘Fragmentary Time: Memory and Politics in the Wake of the Torrey Canyon’, in Cave M, Sloan S (Eds.) Oral History and the Environment: Global Perspectives on Climate, Connection, and Catastrophe, Oxford: Oxford University Press (2022) 53-71.

  • with A. Green., The Torrey Canyon Disaster, Everyday Life, and the “Greening” of Britain’, Environmental History (2017) 22(1), 101-126.

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    Upcoming Talks and Conferences

    • ‘Sensing Catastrophe? Sight, Sound and Smell in the Torrey Canyon disaster, 1967’, UNIL Lausanne, February 1 2023.

    • ‘Heat and Light: Sensory Experience of the Great Storm of 1987’, University of Hertfordshire, December 6 2023.

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