I am a curator in antique textile art, and an independent researcher in History of India with a specific interest in the theory of heritage conservation and in the ruling class’ domestic architecture of the Mughal period.


2010-2019: PhD, History Department, Delhi University, New Delhi, India

2008-2009: M.A. History of Arts and Archaeology of South-Asia, School of Oriental and African Studies, London, UK.

2005-2008: B.A. World History of Arts and Archaeology/B.A. History of Arts and Archaeology of India and Indianized regions, Ecole du Louvre, Paris, France.


2019  « Early Approaches to Heritage in Pre-Colonial India : Reconsidering the Eurcoentric View of History of Built Heritage », Veranda 1 (1) : 124-155.

2016 « Chandigarh : 50 ans après Le Corbusier. Le Devenir Indien d’une Ville Moderne ». Histoire@Politique, Sciences Politiques, Paris, France.

2014  « William Walcot, d’une culture l’autre (transl. William Walcot: A Cross Cultural Architect)», co- written with Fabien Bellat, Revue d’Histoire de l’Art. No 72, INHA, Paris, France.

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    2022: “Rethinking Conservation in South-Asia: The Haveli in Delhi and Jaipur”, Research monograph.


    Guest scholar in Centre de Sciences Humaine, New Delhi, India.

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