Modern Italian Literature and Culture and the Technologies of Modernity (Theory of the Novel, History of Publishing, Visual Culture); Gender Studies; Comparative Literature (Italian-French); Women’s Writing Across the Centuries.


2007 Ph.D. in Italian Studies, University of California Berkeley. 
1997 D.E.A. (Diplôme d’Etudes Approfondies) in French Literature, Université Paris 3, la Sorbonne Nouvelle.
1995 Laurea Modern Literatures, Università di Pavia, Collegio Ghislieri. 


Gender, Narrative, and Dissonance in the Modern Italian Novel. Toronto: the University of Toronto Press, 2014.

Second Book Project: “News, Notes and Novels: The Stabilimento Sonzogno and the Technologies of Culture in Italy, 1804-1914.  In progress.

WEB Projects: 
Progetto Sonzogno, II. Digital Platform Sample. Partnership with FSU Digital Library. Creation of online platform for consultation of the newspaper Il Secolo (1866-1927), Sonzogno. Forthcoming in Dec. 2015. 

Progetto Sonzogno, I. Digital Catalog Sample by Valisa, Silvia, Oh, Sanghee, & Choi, Wonchan. Creation of Omeka site for consultation of the digital catalog of Soznogno for the year 1885. May 2013. URL: http://sonzogno.cci.fsu.edu/

Selected Articles and Essays:
‘Sulla preparazione di un catalogo digitale delle edizioni Sonzogno.’ La Fabbrica del libro. Fondazione Arnoldo e Alberto Mondadori, (Franco Angeli), Milan. XIX 2/2013, 47-54. 
‘An Imaged Life. Wanda Wulz and the Familiar Archive.’ A ‘Window’ on the Female Modernist ‘I’: from Neera to Elsa Morante, Rossella Riccobono ed. (Cambridge Scholars). 45-77. 
‘Casa editrice Sonzogno: mediazione culturale, circuiti del sapere ed innovazione tecnologica nell’Italia unificata.’ Technology and the Printed Media in Italy between 1870 and 1914. Ann. H. Caesar and Gabriella Romani eds. (Legenda, UK, July 2011).
Accompanying website: http://www.progettosonzogno.org/ 
‘Still Figures: Neera’s Fotografie matrimoniali and The Epistemology of Photography.’ Rethinking Neera. Supplement to The Italianist 30. Catherine Ramsey-Portolano and Katharine Mitchell eds. (December 2010). 

‘Corpi estranei and Moving Stereotypes: Pier Paolo Pasolini and the Trauma of the Other in L’odore dell’India.’ MLN Italian Issue (Modern Language Notes, 2009). 
‘Gendered Quests: Analysis, Revelation and the Epistemology of Gender in Neera’s Teresa, Lydia and L’indomani.’ The Italianist (2008.i, 92-112). 

Oh, S., Choi, W., & Valisa, S. (2014). The sonzogno digital library project. In Proceedings of the American Society for Information Science and Technology (pp. 1-4). Wiley. http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/enhanced/doi/10.1002/meet.14505001138/

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