Hello! My research explores categories of gender and nation in late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century opera. While my Jerome Roche prize-winning doctoral work places opera in the Austro-German context, my new monograph project treats opera as a transnational and even a globalist phenomenon between imperial Germany and imperial Japan. My writings appear in or are forthcoming from the _Journal of the Royal Musical Association_, the _Cambridge Opera Journal_, _Music & Letters_, and _Twentieth-Century Music_.

I am currently Assistant Professor in Musicology at Durham University. Previously, I was Research Assistant Professor in Musicology at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. I have also taught at the University of Toronto, where I obtained my PhD (2020) and where my teaching effectiveness was twice recognised by the Faculty of Music.

I am Reviews Editor of the _Journal of the Royal Musical Association_ and the _Royal Musical Association Research Chronicle_. I am particularly interested in authorships and co-authorships that cut across disciplinary, geographical, linguistic, and even medial boundaries (in some cases, the reviews needn’t be written per se). Please feel free to be in touch.

My co-organised virtual conference, ‘Global Musicology – Global Music History’, took place on 25–28 January 2022. https://globalmusicology.squarespace.com/


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