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I am a professor of English, department chairperson, and coordinator of my institution’s certificate in Digital Studies. I am currently at work on a documentary digital edition of the works of the eighteenth-century dramatist, author, poet, and critic Charles Gildon that aims to make corrected, accurate editions of his drama, fiction, poetry, and criticism more readily available.


Ph.D. in English, University of Iowa
M.A. in English, University of Illinois at Chicago
B.A. in English, University of Illinois at Chicago


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Entries summarizing and describing the following works for the Cambridge Guide to the Eighteenth-Century Novel, 1660-1820 (Forthcoming in 2024)

  • Charles Gildon, The New Metamorphosis; or, the Pleasant Transformation (1708)

  • Charles Gildon, The Golden Spy: or, A Political Journal of the British Nights Entertainments of War and Politicks (1709)

  • Charles Gildon, The Post-Man Robb’d of his Mail, or the Packet Broke Open (1692-3).

  • Mary Hays, Memoirs of Emma Courtney (1796)

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