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Advanced Diploma in Music Performance (12)
Bachelor of Arts in Music (16)
Master of Arts in Music and Culture (19)
PhD in Communications, New Media and Cultural Studies (Ongoing)


“Not a Phase (Nor for Your Gaze): Resistive Audiovisual Aesthetics in Cyberqueer Spaces” in LGBTQ Digital Cultures: A Global Perspective, ed. Paromita Pain, 2022.

“Discourses on Cybersecurity: The Politics of the Data Breach as a Security Crisis.”  Revista di Digital Politics, 2023. (Contributor, Forthcoming).

“Bi the Way, We Exist!: Exploring Bisexual Affinities and Identity Performance on “Bitok”.” Global LGBTQ Activism: Social Media, Digital Technologies, and Protest Mechanisms, ed. Paromita Pain (Forthcoming 2023).

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Sonification as Method (CSDH 2023)

Politics of the Breach (CCA 2023)

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