Stephanie J. Lahey completed her PhD at the University of Victoria in September 2021. Her dissertation—a quantitative analysis of the use of ‘offcuts’ (low-quality scraps generated as a byproduct of parchment-making) in manuscript codices copied in later medieval England—was jointly supervised by Iain Macleod Higgins (Victoria) and Erik Kwakkel (UBC iSchool), and supported by funding from SSHRC. Since 01 October 2021, she has been expanding upon this research as a SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Toronto’s Centre for Medieval Studies and Old Books New Science Lab. A recent Guest Researcher at Universiteit Leiden, and former instructor at DHSI and at the University of Victoria, she is Editorial Assistant and Editorial Board Member of Early Middle English, and active in committee work for the Canadian Society of Medievalists. Her research interests include medieval codicology, palaeography, and manuscript production; quantitative and digital humanities; public humanities; and Fachliteratur.


2021 — PhD (English), University of Victoria. Dissertation: Offcut Zone Parchment in Manuscript Codices from Later Medieval EnglandSupervisors: Iain Macleod Higgins, Erik Kwakkel. External examiner: Daniel Wakelin. Viva: 2021 Sep 09.

2015 — MA (English), Université d’Ottawa / University of Ottawa. Thesis: Legal Book Collecting in Late Medieval Bristol: The Case of Harvard, Houghton Library, MS Richardson 40Supervisor: Andrew Taylor.

Selected Additional Professional Training


Peer Reviewed

  • [Journal article, with Laura Morreale, Tamsyn Mahoney-Steel, Lisa Fagin Davis, et al.]. 2021 [in press]. “Transcribing ‘Le Pèlerinage de Damoiselle Sapience’: Scholarly Editing Covid19-Style”. Digital Medievalist.

  • [Paper published in proceedings]. 2019. “Identifying Offcut Zone Parchment in Medieval Manuscripts”. Manuscripts: From Fragments to Books—From Identification to Interpretation, 68–70. ManuSciences’19. (Proceedings of school organized by Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung, Berlin; Centre for the Study of Manuscript Cultures, Universität Hamburg; and École Pratique des Hautes Études, Paris Sciences et Lettres Université).

  • [Journal article]. 2016, published 2018. “On the Origin and Provenance of Victoria, McPherson Library, Doc.Brown.4: Sir Thomas Mowbray’s Care of Newnham Priory”. Florilegium 33: 63–91. doi: 10.3138/flor.33.004. Open access.

  • [Journal article]. 2008. “Paratextual Drift? Text / Image Dialogue in George Herbert’s ‘Easter Wings’”. Interdisciplinary Humanities 25, no. 1: 56–66.

Media Contributions

  • [Social media outreach]. 2021 Oct 01–present. Manager, ‘Old Books New Science’ Twitter: @OldBooksNewSci. (Social media account of University of Toronto’s Old Books New Science Lab.)

  • [Social media outreach]. 2021 Sep 20–26. Guest host, ‘Tweeting Historians’ Twitter: @Tweetistorian. (Rotating social media account hosted by a new historical researcher every week.)

  • [Podcast interview]. 2018 Mar 29. Kautzman, Kevin. “Fugitive Love”. Righteous Yammer, episode 65. (Topics included parchment-making, uses of low-quality parchment, medieval trade, and popular misconceptions about diversity in pre-modern Europe.)

  • [Consulted and cited]. 2018 Mar 08. Zimmer, Ben. “Riders, From Goat Skin to the Oscars”. The Wall Street Journal.

Editorial Work

  • [Editorial assistant and copyeditor]. 2019–2021. Early Middle English [peer-reviewed journal], issues 1.1, 1.2, 2.1, 2.2, 3.1. Arc Humanities Press. Issue 3.1 reprinted as: The Materiality of Middle English Anchoritic Devotion. Ed. Michelle M. Sauer and Jenny C. Bledsoe. Early Middle English Books. ARC Humanities, 2021.

  • [Research assistant and copyeditor (including bibliographical and indexing assistance) for scholarly monograph]. 2018–2020. Adrienne Williams Boyarin. The Christian Jew and the Unmarked Jewess: The Polemics of Sameness in Medieval English Anti-Judaism. Middle Ages Series. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2020.

  • [Co-editor, with Margaret Harry and Christa Beaudoin-Lietz]. 2008. Atlantic Provinces Linguistic Association / Association de linguistique des provinces atlantiques: Papers from the Thirtieth Annual Conference / Actes du trentième colloque annuel, Nov. 3–4 / 3–4 nov. 2007. Halifax: Saint Mary’s University.


2021 Oct–2023 Oct — “Edge Effects: New Work at/on the Edges of Parchment and Medieval Studies”. [SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship]. Centre for Medieval Studies and Old Books New Science Lab, University of Toronto. Supervisor: Alexandra Gillespie.

2021 Oct–present — Member, Stow Team. “John Stow’s Books and MoEML”. Project directors: Alexandra Gillespie and Janelle Jenstad.

2021 Aug–present — Chair, Mapping Team. “Mapping La Sfera”. Project director: Laura Morreale.

Upcoming Talks and Conferences

Upcoming Talks and Conferences

  • 2022 Jul — “Scarce and Strange: Medieval English Offcut Devotional Books”. Pfaff at 50: New Devotions and Religious Change in Later Medieval England. University of Nottingham, UK.

  • 2022 Mar — [with Benjamin Kozlowski]. “Digital Transcription of Diagrams in Medieval Manuscripts: Dati’s La Sfera as a Case Study”. New College Conference on Medieval and Renaissance Studies. Sarasota, FL, USA.

  • 2021 Dec 09 — “On the Varieties of Medieval Parchment”. English Perceptions of the Material Text: 1300–1600. Online symposium, via Zoom.

Selected Invited Talks

  • 2021 Oct 08 — “Quantifying the Medieval Manuscript Book”. Medaille College Department of Mathematics and Statistics. Buffalo, NY, via Zoom.

  • 2021 Feb 26 — “The Cheap, the Bad, and the Ugly: Examining Offcut Zone Parchment in Later Medieval English Manuscripts”. IHR Late Medieval Seminar. Institute of Historical Research, School of Advanced Study, University of London. London, UK.

  • 2019 Nov 18 — “A Parchment Prodigal—Or, the Travels of a Medieval Charter ”. Manuscripts on Mondays [Special Collections Public Lecture Series]. University of Victoria. Victoria, BC.

  • 2019 Nov 12 — “Scribing on Scraps: Medieval Production and Use of Offcut Parchment”. Fairbank Calligraphy Society, General Meeting. Victoria, BC.

  • 2019 Apr 28 — “Of Cows and Carbon: The Material Book from Parchment to Pixel”. Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild, General Meeting. Victoria, BC.

  • 2018 Nov 04 — “Skins to Sheets: The Manufacture and Quality of Medieval Parchment”. Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild, General Meeting. Victoria, BC.

Selected Refereed Conference Papers

  • 2019 Jul 08 — “British Library, Lansdowne MS 348: Situating Devotion in a Professional Corpus”. Early Book Society 16th Biennial Conference. University College Dublin. Dublin, Ireland.

  • 2019 Jul 04 — “Into the Zone? Analysing Parchment Flaws in a Corpus of Later Medieval English Manuscripts”. International Medieval Congress. University of Leeds. Leeds, UK.

  • 2019 Jun 05 — “Patchwork Physic: British Library, Sloane MS 783B”. Canadian Society of Medievalists / Société canadienne des médiévistes, 38th Annual Meeting. Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences. University of British Columbia. Vancouver, BC.

  • 2018 Jul 04 — “Swank Scraps? Gilding Waste Parchment in a Statuta Angliæ Manuscript”. International Medieval Congress. University of Leeds. Leeds, UK.

  • 2018 May 29 — “Professional Pages, Done Dirt Cheap: On the Genres of English Offcut Manuscripts”. Canadian Society of Medievalists / Société canadienne des médiévistes 37th Annual Meeting. Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences. University of Regina. Regina, SK. Winner of the 2018 CSM Student Presentation Prize.

  • 2018 Apr 27 — “From Skins to Sheets: Varieties of Medieval Parchment”. Vancouver Island Library Staff Conference. Victoria, BC.

  • 2017 Jul 11 — “‘Awreke me of these wastours’: Exploring Parchment in Aberystwyth, NLW, MS 733B”. Early Book Society 15th Biennial Conference. University of Durham. Durham, UK.

  • 2017 May 27 — “Cheap Medicine: Parchment Offcuts in Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Ashmole 1378”. Canadian Society of Medievalists / Société canadienne des médiévistes 36th Annual Meeting. Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences. Ryerson University. Toronto, ON.

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