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    Alfred Uhry’s Pulitzer Prize winning play, Driving Miss Daisy (1986) is examined as a site of memory including: Uhry’s own memories upon which the characters and the play itself are based; the role of memory stories, settings and objects in the unfolding of the relationship be-tween its main characters, Daisy Wertham and her chauffeur, Hoke Colburn; and, as the first play in Uhry’s Atlanta Trilogy, a lieu de mémoire of mid-twentieth century Atlanta. Inspired by the thinking of contemporary theatre scholars, and the work of Maurice Halbwachs (1992) and Pierre Nora (1989), we conceptualize Driving Miss Daisy as memory-theatre, with sites of memory, memory stories and objects, ghosts, hauntings of the past, and a recasting of history to engage memories and cultural identity.