I am an associate professor at Arizona State University’s School of International Letters and Cultures. My research concerns Korean and Chinese literature and culture, Sino-Korean exchange, and East Asian comparative literature. My primary focus is on the premodern period. I have a particular interest in subjects which reveal a heterogeneous but interconnected East Asian past, such as gender and religion, orality and performance, mobility and diasporas, and literary migrations. I am eager to represent the concerns and interests of colleagues and friends who teach East Asian languages, literatures, and cultures. As a member of the forum, I would draw upon my knowledge, skills, and experiences to facilitate and encourage dialogues about East Asia among scholars across disciplines. I would also like to improve the general audience’s understanding of East Asia’s cultural legacy as an essential part of our modern, culturally nomadic lives. With scholarship in the humanities under ongoing and increasing threat, I strive to voice our hopes of reframingthe role and value of humanities education and of exploring new approaches that benefit our humanities communities, including those that interface with artificial intelligence.


Washington University in St. Louis, Chinese and Comparative (Korean) Literature, Ph.D.

Seoul National University, Premodern Chinese Literature, Ph.D. and M.A.

Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Chinese Language and Literature, B.A. 



Books Published


The Tale of Cho Ung: A Classic of Vengeance, Loyalty, and Romance (Columbia University Press, 2018).

Transforming Gender and Emotion: The Butterfly Lovers Story in China and Korea (University of Michigan Press, 2018). 


Changhyŏp changwŏn [Top Graduate Zhang Xie] (with Soo Kyung Oh, Seoul: Yŏn’gŭk kwa in’gan, 2019). 

Chungguk kodae kŭkchang ŭi yŏksa [The History of Chinese Traditional Theatre] (with Soo Kyung Oh et al., Seoul: Sol Press, 2007). 

Recent Articles and Annotated Translations in Books, Journals, and Proceedings

“Leaves of Regret, Flowers of Gloom: Mourning Ghosts and Crafting a Theater of Han in the Dream Journey Narrative.” The Journal of Korean Studies (forthcoming, March 2020).

“Poetry and Sword: Heroic Imagination and Symbolic Ascendancy in a Contested Sino-Centric World.” Korean Literature Now 45 (Autumn 2019): 57–9.

“Paean to Marital Fidelity in Poverty: The Wang Sibung Kiu ki, Korean Romance of the Thorn Hairpin.” The Review of Korean Studies22, no. 1 (June 2019): 405–26.

“Elegy on a Virtuous Mind: An Introduction and Translation of the Seventeenth Century Chŏn’giTale, ‘Yu Sorang chŏn.’” Acta Koreana21.2 (December 2018): 575–592.

“The Story of Ch’oe Ch’ŏk.” In Premodern Korean Literary Prose: An Anthology, edited by Michael J. Pettid, Gregory N. Evon, and Chan E. Park, 132–161. Columbia University Press, 2018.

“Fragmented Narratives and Troubled Translators: Issues and Challenges in Translating Korean Classics.” Proceedings of the International Conference on the English Translation of Korean Classics, 155–77. The Academy of Korean Studies, 2017. 

“Within and Between Cultures: The Liang-Zhu Narratives in Local Korean Cultures.” Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies74.2 (December 2014): 207–248.

Blog Posts


    The Anthology of Seventeen-Century Classical Novels. 

    Intellectual Quest and Utopian Imagination: Landscaping 13th- to 17th-Century Korean Literature. 

    Upcoming Talks and Conferences

    “Between Imaginary and Real: Imaginary Travels and the Search for Place Through Maps in Late Chosǒn Korea.” AAS (Association for Asian Studies) Annual Conference, Boston, March 20, 2020


    “Transplanted Loyalty and the Birth of Heroes in East Asian Wartime Communities.” Beijing  Forum. Beijing University, November 1-3, 2019


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