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My research investigates the structure of the lexicon, how words and morphemes are processed, and how we arrive at meaning. I conduct this work with English-, Maltese-, and Arabic-speaking populations, which enables me to explore morphological and lexical processing not only in monolingual populations but also in bilingual populations. I am also interested in morphological processing in clinical populations, such as people with Specific Language Impairment, Williams Syndrome, primary progressive aphasia – semantic variant, and people who have suffered from traumatic brain injury.


Ph.D. (anticipated 2018): Linguistics, University of Arizona

MA (2014): Linguistics, University of Arizona

BA (2012): Modern Languages and Linguistics, University of Redlands, Johnston Center for Integrative Studies

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    June 17: Roots V conference; L1 biases, learning, and generalization [poster]

    July 22: Morphological Typology and Linguistic Cognition workshop; L1 biases in learning root-and-pattern morphology [poster]

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