Dr. Sarah Ruffing Robbins teaches American Literature at TCU. Her 9 academic books address topics ranging from gendered authorship to race relations, from social literacy practices to public pedagogy. Sarah has (co)directed numerous humanities projects, including Domesticating the Secondary Canon, Making American Literatures and Keeping and Creating American Communities. Her recent Learning Legacies: Archive to Action through Women’s Cross-Cultural Teaching promotes cultural stewardship grounded in historical study as a pathway to community-building. Several previous publications (Writing America, Writing Our Communities, and Teachers’ Writing Groups) grew out of collaborative programs for educators. Other single-author projects include the CHOICE-award-winning Managing Literacy, Mothering America and The Cambridge Introduction to Harriet Beecher Stowe. Sarah also co-edited Teaching Transatlanticism (with Linda Hughes), Nellie Arnott’s Writings on Angola, 1905-1913 (with Ann Pullen), and Bridging Cultures: International Women Faculty Transforming the US Academy (with Sabine Smith and Federica Santini). Winner of a Governor’s Humanities Award, she focuses much of her work on preparing students for public humanities activism. She’s also at work with a team of scholars preparing an anthology of primary texts for studying transatlantic Anglophone print culture of the long 19th century.

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