I am a postdoc at KCL, working on the AHRC-funded project ‘Shakespeare in the Royal Collection.’ Before rejoining KCL in September 2018, I taught at Central School of Speech and Drama, Brunel University and Queen Mary University of London. My PhD thesis, titled ‘Still Shakespeare: Performance, Photography and the Limits of the Shakespearean, 1850-2016,’ was examined in July 2016. An adapted version of it was published as Still Shakespeare and the Photography of Performance (Cambridge UP, 2019).

‘Shakespeare in the Royal Collection’ uses the holdings of the Royal Collection and Royal Archives as the basis for a material-culture-driven look at the interwoven histories of two hegemonic institutions – Shakespeare and the royal family. Having done my PhD on Shakespeare and photography, I come to this from an interest in theatre archives, their authority and their relationship to the “live”. The Royal Collection sometimes functions as a performance archive; meanwhile, Shakespeare’s plays, particularly his English histories, have often been treated as a kind of alternative archive for royal history. This project will create a website (whose pilot version is here) and an online exhibition (coming summer 2021). I am also working on a book based on this research, with the tentative working title Shakespeare and the Royal Actor.



PhD English, King’s College London, 2016. ‘Still Shakespeare: Performance, Photography, and the Limits of the Shakespearean, 1850-2016’

MA Early Modern Literature: Text and Transmission, King’s College London, 2011.

BA English, University of York, 2010.



Still Shakespeare and the Photography of Performance, Cambridge University Press, 2019.



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‘Agincourt, Waterloo, Normandy: Screening Henry V and re-organising British history for the royal family.’ Shakespeare Bulletin, forthcoming 2021.    

 ‘“Never did nor never shall”: Shakespeare quotation and nostalgic politics in 2016,’ EMC Imprint, forthcoming 2021.



I edited with Nora Williams a special issue of Borrowers and Lenders (13.1) ‘Shakespeare and Politics Between Media.’


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Reviews (Performances)

‘Review of Shakespeare’s Richard II (directed by Joe Hill-Gibbons) at the Almeida Theatre, London, 18 December 2018,’ Shakespeare, 15.2 (2019), pp. 200-02. 

‘Review of Shakespeare’s Macbeth (directed by Rufus Norris) at the National Theatre, London, 26 April 2018,’ Shakespeare 14.3 (2018), pp. 424-26.

‘Review of Francis Beaumont’s The Knight of the Burning Pestle (directed by Adele Thomas) at the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, London, 27 February 2014,’ Shakespeare, 10.3 (2014), 349-352.

My online theatre reviews are available here. 

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