I am a PhD Candidate in Classics at the University of Tasmania studying Roman provincial management. I finished my Bachelor of Arts in 2015, graduating with a double major in Classics and History, and a minor in English. In 2016, I completed my Honours thesis “Cicero and the Governors: Perceptions of Provincial Management in the Late Republic” and was awarded First Class Honours.

My research interests include Roman Imperialism, Roman provincial management, and social history, particularly of the late Republic period. I am currently working on developing a three-dimensional model of liminal theory which can be used to analyse liminality in the ancient world and beyond.

Outside of my university, I am the President and Managing Editor of Amphora, an open-access, peer-reviewed Ancient World journal. Amphora welcomes contributions from researchers in a diverse range of fields: Classical Studies, Ancient History, Reception Studies, Digital Humanities, Egyptology, and Archaeology just to name a few. The journal is run by an editorial collective drawn from across Australia and New Zealand, and all articles submitted undergo a rigorous peer-review process.


  1. Doctor of Philosophy (Society and Culture), Classics, University of Tasmania, February 2017–present.

Thesis: Rome and the Provinces: A Study in Roman Provincial Policy and Relationships with Provincials in the Late Republic, 133 to 27 BC.

Supervisors: Dr Jayne Knight and Dr Jonathan Wallis.


Graduate Certificate in Research, University of Tasmania, 2017–2018.


Bachelor of Arts (Honours, First Class), Classics, University of Tasmania, 2016.

Thesis: Cicero and the Governors: Perceptions of Provincial Mismanagement in the Late Republic.

Supervisors: Dr Jayne Knight and Dr Jonathan Wallis.

External Examiner: Dr Gwynaeth McIntyre.


Bachelor of Arts, Classics and History, minor English, University of Tasmania, 2013–2015.


Cicero and the Governors: Perceptions of Provincial Mismanagement in the Late Republic. Honours Thesis. 2016.

Blog Posts


    Conference Papers

    • Pompey’s Eastern Settlements: Considerations and Consequences. Amphorae XII, Auckland, NZ, July 2018.

    • Up in Arms: the Emotional Impact of the Social War on the socii. ASCS 40, Armidale, AUS, February 2019.

    • Pompey’s Eastern Settlements: A Case Study in the Impact of Roman Imperialism. ASCS 41, Dunedin, NZ, January 2020.

    • Limina: Exploring Three-Dimensional Liminal Theory. Cancelled Conference, hosted by AWAWS Brisbane via Zoom. July 2020.


    • Catastrophic Crassus. Pint of History, Hobart, AUS, May 2018.

    • It Speaks! The Voice of the Door in the Roman Paraclausithyron. The Humanities Showcase, Hobart, AUS, May 2018.

    Upcoming Talks and Conferences

    • Limina: refining, advancing, and applying 3D Liminal Theory. Amphorae XIV, hosted by the University of Adelaide via Zoom. September 2020.


    Amphora Editorial Collective, President & Managing Editor.
    Association of Ancient Historians.
    Australasian Society for Classical Studies, Postgraduate Representative (Australia).
    Australasian Women in Ancient World Studies.
    The Classical Association.
    Society for Classical Studies.
    Women’s Classical Caucus.

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