I am currently an independent academic focused in the following research areas:

  • Ecocriticism

  • Gothic

  • Genre studies (particularly Western, science fiction and crime)

  • Gender studies (queer theory and masculinity studies)

Professionally, I am also a recruitment agent of teachers for international schools in Latin America, and a debate coach for a middle school in Mexico City.


  • BA in English Language and Literature (UNAM)

Other Publications

  • Ponciano Ojeda, Rodrigo. “‘What a Beast Man Is’: Animales en Tristram ShandyA Sentimental Journey”. Laurence Sterne: 300 años, edited by Ana Elena González Treviño, UNAM-FFyL, pp. 87–101.


  • 2015-2016: Studentship for the PAPIIT Project “Estudios literarios y culturales de los siglos XVII y XVIII en lengua inglesa y francesa”. [UNAM]

  • 2016: Studentship for the PAPIME Project:“Estudios críticos sobre géneros populares”. [UNAM]

  • 2016: Studentship for the PAPIME Project: “Integración y fortalecimiento de los estudios humanísticos sobre la India”.


  • 2017-2018: International Gothic Association

Rodrigo Ponciano Ojeda

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