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    Dear Memory Studies Colleagues,
    I’m pleased to have been nominated for the Executive Committee for Memory Studies, and wanted to tell you about my activities. My early work (World Memory: Personal Trajectories in Global Time, ed with Jill Bennett, 2003) stimulated dialogue between postcolonial studies and memory studies. I examined memory and testimony in claims by Australia’s Indigenous people for recognition of historical injustice. Over the past decade I’ve continued to develop concepts for analysing memory practices and discourses in less-studied sites, and edited an issue of Memory Studies (with Susannah Radstone), on ‘Memory Studies in Australia’ (2013). I was a Visiting Fellow (2011) at the Institute for Advanced Study at Konstanz University, where I worked with Aleida Assmann’s History and Memory group, and was a member of the Network in Transnational Memory Studies (2013-2105) led by Prof Ann Rigney, Utrecht. These networks enabled me to link my research on memory, testimony and witnessing to developments in human rights across a range of sites (see my chapters on ‘Moving Testimony’ (2014) and ‘The Act of Killing’ (2017). This work is part of a book I’m completing, ‘Moving Testimony: Memory and Human Rights after 1989’, which explores how paradigms of memory enable testimony to travel in search of witnessing publics. These collaborations continue; for ACLA2017 I co-convened (with Ann Rigney and Michael Rothberg) a seminar on ‘Topographies of Memory in an Uneven World’; for ACLA2018 I have proposed (with Michael Rothberg and Debarati Sanyal) a seminar on ‘Racist Memories, Memories of Racism and Justice’.

    I’ve also been contributing to dialogues between memory studies and environmental humanities. In 2014 I participated in a Mellon Seminar on Environmental Humanities at UCLA (see ‘Multidirectional Eco-Memory’, Routledge Companion to Environmental Humanities, 2017.) In 2016, I co-edited (with Maria Nugent) an issue of Australian Humanities Review on ‘Scales of Memory’, which extended from politico-spatial scales to the ‘deep time’ of human and non-human memory. At MLA (2017) I participated in a roundtable on Memory Studies and the Anthropocene (see Memory Studies, Online First, 2017), and continued to think further about memory studies and post/humanism in ‘Reading prosthetic memory through a new materialist lens’ in ‘Memory after Humanism’ (Parallax, October 2017). I’m a member of the recently established Memory Studies Association, and of the Memory Network in Australia. I’m looking forward to meeting colleagues and hearing about memory research in New Zealand and the Pacific at the upcoming ‘Oceanic Memory: Islands, Ecologies, Peoples’ conference in Christchurch in Dec 2017. If I’m elected to the Memory Studies executive, I’ll facilitate participation from colleagues working on memory practices across a diversity of sites, and engaging with urgent issues relating to the resurgence of nationalism in a transnational era; social justice; the environment; and law and human rights.
    Thanks! Rosanne