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    475 [DIVR] Digital Diversity 3 Course Prerequisite: Junior standing. Cultural impact of digital media in cultural contexts; issues of race, class, gender, sexuality online. (Crosslisted course offered as AMER ST 475, DTC 475, ENGLISH 475).

    Course Description
    DTC 475 is a continuation of the issues explored in DTC 206, DIGITAL INCLUSION. This course takes as its starting hypothesis the idea that various intersections of oppression exist in the manufacture, programming, design, and disposal of digital technologies. While this course will also explore how, for instance, technology has enabled new methods for visualizing the Other and new forms of accessibility for the differently-abled, it will also argue that these successes are only half of the story. The course proceeds via a series of case studies, emphasizing themes of intersectionality, mindfulness, and access that inform the issues and oppressions we explore.