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      Phebe writes a tout pour tout meaning Shakespeare’s Ganymede is “a beast” like Marlowe’s Leander as from a Ganymede transformed.

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    My interest is in a discussion on why Shakespeare cites Marlowe in “As You Like It”. I have an approach to this question which appears to differ from the general consensus. I hear Shakespeare take umbrage to the treatment of “Hero and Leander” beginning with May of 1593. My MA was granted without a thesis. Wherefore I am still thinking if I were to write a thesis what would it be. At this point I have the question of why Shakespeare cites a line from Marlowe’s Hero and Leander in “As You Like It” and who are “you” and what is “it” in “As You Like It”? I say “you” are Henry Wriothesley patron to both Shakespeare and Marlowe. And “it” is the cause why Marlowe died. “It” is omitted from Marlowe’s “Hero and Leander” when published in 1598 to the “gentle aire” of Walsingham’s “liking”. But Shakespeare’s Phebe writes her taut pour taut in spirit of “omittance is no quittance” anyway.


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    Developing a perspective that includes Sonnet 24 affirming sonnet 20.

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