PhD, Near Eastern Studies, UC Berkeley (2012); designated emphasis in Critical Theory
MA, Near Eastern Studies, UC Berkeley (2009)
BA, Religion, Swarthmore College, 2006


Are We Not Men? Unstable Masculinity in the Hebrew Prophets. Oxford University Press. 2016.

“The Caves of the Hebrew Bible: A Speleology,” with P.J. Sabo, University of Alberta. Biblical Interpretation (Accepted and forthcoming).

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“Uncanny Bodies, Impossible Knowledge and Somatic Excess in Isaiah 29,” The Bible and Critical Theory, Vol. 7, No. 1 (2011).

Book Chapters
“Unhappy Bodies and Affect Aliens in the Book of Jonah” in Reading with Feeling: Affect Theory and the Bible, ed. Jennifer Koosed and Fiona Black. SBL Press. (Forthcoming 2018).

“Muddy Waters: Jonah in the Book of the Twelve,” with John Kaltner and Steven L. McKenzie, in The Book of the Twelve: Composition, Reception, and Interpretation, ed. Lena Tiemeyer and Jakob Wörhle. Formation and Interpretation of Old Testament Literature, Brill. (Invited, forthcoming).

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“Enter Job, with Fear and Trembling,” in Recognition and Modes of Knowledge: Anagnorisis from Antiquity to Contemporary Theory, ed. Teresa Russo, University of Alberta Press, 2013.

Blog Posts


    Jonah: A New Translation with Introduction and Commentary. Yale Anchor Bible Commentary. Under contract with Yale University Press. With Steven L. McKenzie and John Kaltner.

    Critical Readings: Gender, Sexualities and the Bible. Editor, with Lynn Huber. T&T Clark. Forthcoming 2018. (under contract)

    Rape Culture and Religious Studies: Critical and Pedagogical Engagements. Editor, with Meredith Minister and Beatrice Lawrence. Lexington Books. (under contract)

    Upcoming Talks and Conferences

    “A Child is Being Eaten: Maternal Cannibalism in the Hebrew Bible,” AAR Annual Meeting, November 2017.

    “How to Do Things with(out) Men: A Feminist Reading of the Body of Ezekiel,” “Doing Masculinity Studies as Part of Feminist Biblical Studies: Critical Interrogations,” European Association of Biblical Studies, 2017.



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