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    Douglas Mao and Rebecca Walkowitz’s field-defining article, “The New Modernist Studies,” turns ten in 2018. Despite the fact that the article takes up new media as a key topic-and although it was published just after ground-breaking work in the “visual turn” of literary studies by Mary Lou Emery (Modernism, the Visual, and Caribbean Literature, 2007), W. J. T. Mitchell (Picture Theory, 2005), Michael North (Camera Works, 2005), Mark Wollaeger (Modernism, Media and Propaganda, 2006)-theories and discussions of global modernism since have focused considerably more energy on modernism’s geographic and temporal dimensions than its relation to the graphic. Yet film, pictures, images, and other graphic modes frequently appear in the criticism of global modernism as well as at the scenes of literary modernist production.

    Our panel invites papers that explore how the graphic might refine or critique global modernist studies. We are especially interested in papers that address this issue with regard to topics such as empire, gender, race, global capitalism, and/or the anthropocene.

    Send a 300-word abstract and one-paragraph bio to Patrick Herald (patrick.steven.herald@emory.edu) and George Micajah Phillips (gphillips@franklincollege.edu) by March 30, 2018.