I am an internationally recognised scholar in the fields of twentieth-century and contemporary literary studies with an extensive track record of publications, successful research funding applications and public engagement. I am the author of four books, numerous articles in peer reviewed journals, edited volumes and other publications, and have edited four essay collections and a journal special issue. My recent funding successes (as Principal Investigator) include a Research Councils UK Global Uncertainties Leadership Fellowship (£491,133) to lead a project entitled Muslims, Trust and Cultural Dialogue from 2012 to 2015, and the AHRC funded Framing Muslims international research network, 2007-2010 (£49,550). I currently hold a Chair in 20th Century English Literature at the University of Birmingham, and have taught across a wide range of modern and contemporary literature modules at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels throughout my career.


Research Interests

·       Twentieth Century and Contemporary Literature

·       Postcolonial and World Literature and Theory

·       Multiculturalism, Globalisation and Islamophobia

·       Religion, Communalism and the Secular

·       The Politics of Representation in Literature, Film and Television






Authored Books and Monographs

2018:               Critical Monograph: Islamophobia and the Novel, New York: Columbia University Press,  (ISBN 978 0 231 17774 0)


2011:               Critical Book: Framing Muslims: Stereotyping and Representation after                                       9/11, Cambridge MA: Harvard University Press – co-authored with                                               Amina Yaqin (ISBN 978 0 674 04852 2)

2004:               Critical monograph: Rohinton Mistry (Contemporary World Writers                                               Series), Manchester: Manchester University Press (ISBN 0 7190 6715 4)


2000:               Critical monograph: Fictions of India: Narrative and Power, Edinburgh:                                        Edinburgh University Press (ISBN 0 7486 1181 9).


Edited Volumes

2019:               Contesting Islamophobia: Anti-Muslim Prejudice in Media, Culture and                                        Politics (with Alaya Forte and Amina Yaqin), London: I. B. Tauris,                                          (Forthcoming May 2019) (ISBN 1788311639)

2018                Muslims, Trust and Multiculturalism: New Directions, (with Amina Yaqin and Asmaa Soliman), London, Palgrave Macmillan. (ISBN 978 3 319 -71308 8)


2012:               Culture, Diaspora and Modernity in Muslim Writing, (with Rehana                                               Ahmed and Amina Yaqin) London and New York: Routledge                                                            (Research in Postcolonial literatures Series) (ISBN 978 0 415                                                     89677 1). Includes jointly written introduction and one of my own                                                 essays.

2006:               Alternative Indias: Writing,Nation and Communalism, (with Alex Tickell)                                      Rodopi, Amsterdam, 2006. (ISBN 90 420 1927 1) Includes jointly                                              written introduction and one of my own essays: ‘Running Repairs:                                               Corruption, Community and Duty in Rohinton Mistry’s Family Matters’.



Book Series Editor

2018 – present Founding co-editor of the Manchester University Press Multicultural Textualities book                  series.



Government Policy Briefing

2018:               Trust and the Prevent Duty (with Yasmin Alibhai-Brown) London (Partnership for                         Conflict, Crime and Security Research, RCUK)




Journal Special Issue

2010:               Co-editor of Special Issue of Interventions: International Journal of                                              Postcolonial Studies, entitled ‘Muslims in the Frame’ (12: 2, July                                                        2010) including a jointly authored introduction and one of my own                                                essays: ‘Terrorvision: Race, Nation and Muslimness in Fox’s 24’.                                                 (ISSN 1369-801X)



Articles, Essays and Chapters

2019:               Chapter: ‘Many homes, many forms: Diasporic locations and translocations’, in                            Susheila Nasta and Mark Stein (eds.) The Cambridge History of Black and Asian                            British Writing, Cambridge University Press. (Forthcoming, 2019)


2019:               Chapter: ‘Neo-Orientalism and Islamophobia’, in Geoffrey Nash (ed.) Orientalism and                  Literature, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. (Forthcoming, 2019)


2019:               ‘Introduction: Contesting Islamophobia in Theory and Practice’, in Peter Morey, Amina Yaqin and Alaya Forte (eds.) Contesting Islamophobia: Anti-Muslim Prejudice in Media, Culture and Politics London: I. B. Tauris, (Forthcoming 2019)


2018:               ‘Kipling and “Orientalisms”: Cracks in the Wall of Imperial Narrative’, in Interventions: International Journal of Postcolonial Studies, 20;1 (2018) 106-122.

2018:               ‘Introduction: Muslims, Trust and Multiculturalism’, in Amina Yaqin, Peter Morey and Asmaa Soliman (eds.)  Muslims, Trust and Multiculturalism: New Directions, London, Palgrave Macmillan.


2018:               Journal Article: “Halal Fiction” and the Limits of Postsecularism’, in Journal of                               Commonwealth Literature, 53:2 (2018)



2015:               Essay: ‘Performing Identity: Intertextuality, Race and Difference in the                                         South Asian Novel in English’, in Sara Upstone and Len Platt (eds)                                          Postmodern Literature and Race, Cambridge: Cambridge University                                            Press.


2015:               Chapter on ‘Black and Asian British Fiction’ in Bryan Cheyette and                                              Peter Boxall (eds.) The Oxford History of the Novel. Volume 7: British and Irish Fiction                        Since 1940 Oxford: Oxford University Press.


2014:               Essay: ‘Hamlet in Paradise: The Politics of Procrastination in Mirza Waheed’s The Collaborator in Claire Chambers and Caroline Herbert (eds) Imagining Muslims in South Asia and the Diaspora: Secularism, Religion, Representations London and New York: Routledge.


2012:               Journal article: ‘The Cult of Irshad Manji’, Critical Muslim, No.3 (ISSN                                          1478 4718)


2012:               Essay: ‘Mourning Becomes Kashmira: Islam, Melancholia, and the                                              Evacuation of Politics in Salman Rushdie’s Shalimar the Clown’ in                                       Rehana Ahmed, Peter Morey and Amina Yaqin (eds) Culture, Diaspora and                                Modernity in Muslim Writing, London and New York: Routledge.


2011:               Journal article: ‘The Rules of the Game Have Changed’: Mohsin                                                 Hamid’s The Reluctant Fundamentalist and post-9/11 Fiction’, in the                                                Journal of Postcolonial Writing, 47:2. 135-146.


2011:               Essay: ‘Framing Muslims in British Television Drama’ in Gerald                                                   Maclean (ed.) Britain and the Muslim World: Historical Perspectives,                                     Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Press.


2010:               Journal article: ‘Terrorvision: Race, Nation and Muslimness in Fox’s 24’ in                                    Interventions: International Journal of Postcolonial Studies 12:2, 251-264 (ISSN                                  1369-801X)


2010:               Journal article: ‘Strangers and Stereotypes: the Spooks Controversy and the Framing                  of Muslims’, in ‘Beyond the Law: Postcolonial Writing, Legality and Legitimacy’,                                   special issue of the Journal of Postcolonial Writing, 46:5 (2010) 529-539 (ISSN 1744-                  9855)


2010:               Essay: ‘You’ve Been framed: Stereotype and Performativity in Yasmin’, in Rinella                        Cere and Rosalind Brunt (eds.) Postcolonial Media Culture in Britain, London:                                   Palgrave.


2007:               Chapter: ‘Salman Rushdie and the English Tradition’, in Abdulrazak                                            Gurnah (ed.) Cambridge Companion to Salman Rushdie, Cambridge: Cambridge                       University Press. (ISBN: 052160995X)


2007:               Chapter: ‘Postcolonial Forster’, in David Bradshaw (ed.) Cambridge                                            Companion to E. M. Forster, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press                                           (ISBN   521 834759)


2006:               Essay: ‘Tunnels and Bridges: Narrative and Power in Two Novels of                                            India’, in Roopa Srinivasan, Manish Tiwari and Sandeep Silas (eds.) Our Indian                              Railway: Themes in India’s Railway History, New Delhi: Foundation Books, (ISBN                        8175963301)


2005:               Encyclopaedia entries: ‘The Raj’ and ‘The Emergency’ in Prem Poddar and                                 David Johnson (eds) A Historical Companion to Postcolonial literatures in English,                  Edinburgh, Edinburgh University Press.


2003:               Journal article: ‘Running Repairs: Corruption, Community and Duty in                                          Rohinton Mistry’s Family Matters’, Journal of Commonwealth Literature,                                            38:2 (2003)


2002-4:             Chapters: ‘Colonial Discourse, Postcolonial Theory’ in Kate McGowan (ed.) The                          Year’s Work in Critical and Cultural Theory Vols. 10, 11 and 12. Oxford University                Press, co-authored with Patrick Williams. (ISBN 0 1985 2744 6).


2002:               Review essay: ‘The Space to Speak: Authority, Authenticity and the                                            South Asian Diaspora’, Wasafiri  No. 35. pp. 57-60, (ISSN 0269 0055)


2001:               Journal article:  ‘Terrible Beautification: The Body Politics of Rohinton                                         Mistry’s A Fine Balance’, in Angles on the English Speaking World, Vol.1,                          University of Copenhagen (ISSN 0903 1723), pp. 75-88.


2000:               Chapter entitled ‘Gothic and Supernatural: Allegories at Work and at Play                                    in Kipling’s Indian Fiction’, in Julian Wolfreys and Ruth Robbins (eds.)                                               Victorian Gothic, Basingstoke: Macmillan., pp. 201-217. (ISBN 0 333 74935 9)


1997-2000:      Chapters on ‘Raj Fiction’ in Robert Clark (ed.) The Annotated                                                      Bibliography for English Studies, Amsterdam, Swets and Zeitlinger (CD                                               Rom).



Blog Posts



    Research Funding Awards

    2012-2015:      Research Councils UK Global Uncertainties Leadership Fellowship for                                        Muslims, Trust and Cultural Dialogue research project (£491,133)

    The Project:

    Muslims, Trust and Cultural Dialogue was an international, interdisciplinary project exploring the topic of intercultural trust building between Muslims and non-Muslims in the West. It analysed existing theories and practices and developed new approaches to political, social and cultural trust building in different spheres of activity, with a particular emphasis on the potential role of literature and the arts in promoting trust between communities. In January 2016 the Times Higher Education described this work as offering ‘the keenest response to the call for greater public engagement in postcolonial studies’ in the twenty-first century.



    2007-2010:      AHRC International Research Network Award. Principal Investigator for                                      Framing Muslims: Structures of Representation in Culture and Society                                       post-9/11 (£49,550)

    The Project:

    Framing Muslims explored the stereotyping of Muslims with a particular focus on the post-9/11 era in Britain, the United States and Europe. It was also concerned to historicise anti-Muslim prejudice and to understand the way that the practices and assumptions of politics, culture, journalism and the media combine to establish and reinforce certain ‘frames’ for the representation of the Muslim. The resulting book, Framing Muslims: Stereotyping and representation after 9/11 (co-written with Amina Yaqin) was nominated for a Grawemeyer Award (University of Louisville, 2012).


    2002:               AHRB funded Research Leave Award (£13,311) to complete                                                      monograph on Rohinton Mistry.



    Postcolonial Studies Association, 2017-present

    Economic and Social Research Council (UK) Peer Review College, 2015-2018

    Arts and Humanities Reseaerch Council (UK) Peer Review College, 2007-2015

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