I primarily work on the literature and culture of the European and Transatlantic fin de siècle and modernism, with special interests in Oscar Wilde and his circle as well as in New Woman writers of the period, and in larger problems and questions pertaining to feminist, gender and sexuality studies. Recently I’ve also become very interested in questions of digital pedagogy in the Humanities. I am an advisory editor for Gender and Sexuality for boundary 2 (Duke University Press) and an editorial board member for the Dialogue Series at Rodopi/Brill. I was also the founding editor of The Latchkey: Journal of New Woman Studies.
Over the last two AY, I’ve been teaching the following classes at Stanford:
Introduction to Comparative Queer Literary Studies

Queer Literature and Film
Oscar Wilde and the French Decadents
Literature and Transgression
Literature and Social Online Learning
Literature in the Age of Digital Culture

I blog at literatureilluminations.org, where you can also find links to all my course websites.

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