• Patrick McEvoy-Halston deposited The Good Fight! on MLA Commons 5 days, 8 hours ago

    George Walker’s “The Good Fight” as arguing for means towards self-growth which aren’t merely acting out; which aren’t simply signs of perversity, of mental illness. Argues that rather than delineating the key differences between the downtrodden — those stepped on — and the rich — those (gleefully) doing the stomping down — it is truly more successful in lining up their similarities, with the “moral justification” of the once-rich, now-reformer, something of a canard — a laugh-out-loud joke, semblencing, poorly, as something legit. Ostensibly a satire on capitalism, this essay argues for it being better understand as a satire OF all such satires. One way of gaming things your way, vs. another, with all such insufficient compared with genuine self-revitalization, however oddly that might come about.