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    Explores Bertram Brooker’s “Think of the Earth” from Norman Holland’s perspective of literature as a “place” where unsavory wishes can be satisfied, without alarming super-ego censors. Explores the character Tavistock as built to lure many readers into situating themselves within him, for conveying characteristics that define him as both a prodigy of the new but also someone whom elders don’t mistake as not clean and admirable — he is the “good son” whose “rebellion” fits convention and communicates promise rather than difficulty — and thereby allowing close proximity to the character who represents their split-off bad selves, Harry. Tavistock permits close proximity to — as close as a touch — to someone who will execute a matricidal impulse that readers need for some character to fulfill to provide a moment of satisfied elation, to be followed by this nefarious character’s, this pollutant-filled character’s, destruction. This analysis suggests that books can be sites that serve as psychic dumps where “bad” desires can be made to disappear from reality, as shit might appear to do as it vanishes away from “home.”