I am a linguist, creative and performing arts practitioner, educator, and researcher.  I most recently conceptualised and conducted postgraduate research in the functional grammar of stage directions. My undergraduate teaching  includes Theoretical Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, Vocal Diction, and Academic Writing, with English Language, English Literature, and Communication Studies taught at secondary school. I also have valued experience in tertiary administration and supervision. My research to date has applied corpus methods, sociolinguistic methodologies, discourse analysis, and formal and functional analyses to areas such as World Englishes, academic writing, media representations, legal practice, multimodality, and drama theory.


MA Language Communication Research, Cardiff University

BA Linguistics, University of the West Indies

Other Publications

Quammie–Wallen, P. (2021). Vague language in Hong Kong English, ‘Something like that’: A comparative corpus investigation into a defining feature of English in Hong Kong. English Today, 37(1), 13-25. Epub 2019/09/12. doi:10.1017/S0266078419000415


Conference Abstracts

Quammie-Wallen, Patrice. (Thurs 5 July, 2018). Discovering the functional architecture of play texts. 28 European Systemic Functional Linguistics Conference: Language, Specialised Knowledge, and Literacy.  (28ESFLC2018) Pavia. Italy.

Quammie-Wallen, Patrice (Sept 2018). An exploratory experiential survey of the play text. LinC Summer School and Workshop 2018 – SFL and Register & Context, Aachen, Germany.




The Functional Architecture of Stage Directions
OSF Registration – https://osf.io/z68d9

The Christal Collection
Corpus creation and research analysis of student academic writing to inform teaching practice.

The Discursive Patterns of Citizen Engagement



Society for Caribbean Linguistics (SCL)

Global Leadership Interlink (GLI)

British Association for Applied Linguistics (BAAL)

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