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    Good Morning!
    In the fall you’ll see my name on the ballot. I am a candidate to represent the TM Forum on Book History, Print Cultures, and Lexicography. I am thrilled to join the executive committee and to help to raise the profile of this group in its recently reconfigured form. Thus, I am writing to ask you for your support as well as introduce myself and my qualifications.

    As a former MLA Executive Member for the Forum of Comics and Graphic Narratives (my 5-year term with them just ended), I know how to work really well with my fellow groups members and foster collaborations with other MLA forums.

    My scholarly interests relate directly to book history, print cultures or lexicography, focus on interdisciplinary approach and methodologies (e.g. digital humanities, visual studies, transcultural studies), and center on Medieval and Renaissance Studies, American Studies, and Latin America Studies in literature, culture, and art. I am currently a Visiting Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature at Hamilton College where my interest in books history and print culture, and in particular Special Collections and curation, is at the forefront of my pedagogy and the special events I have initiated and organized for the college community and beyond. I have been awarded two Special Collections fellowships to explore the Beinecke Lesser Antilles collection in Hamilton’s Burke Library, as well as other rare books and maps. I have curated two book exhibits: “The Columbian Exchange” and “The Graphic Staire of George Cruikshank.” I teach regularly in special collections where I introduce students to the visuality and materiality of the book across cultures and time periods. Some of my relevant recent publications include “Illuminating Orhan Pamuk’s My Name is Red and The Museum of Innocence,” as part of the recent MLA Approaches to Teaching Orhan Pamuk (November 2017) and another essay in Playthings in Early Modernity (February 2017) that focuses on Alfonso X, el Sabio’s Castilian illuminated manuscript Libro de aiedrez, dados y tablas (Book of Chess, Dice and Tables, 1283). My current DHi interdisciplinary project, Arresting Images: Editorializing Conquest in Colonial Peru, examines the portrayal of the Andean in Felipe Guamán Poma de Ayala’s illustrated chronicle, Nueva Corónica y Buen Gobierno. And I have been awarded a Smithsonian Fellowship (for my work on postal stamps and the book) and a summer NEH to participate in summer institute at the Newberry Library.

    I am very dedicated and organized person who will aim to attract new members with related interests. I will represent this forum well and would welcome much input for the community and group at large.

    Thank you!
    -Nhora Lucía Serrano