I am an international scholar from Italy. I moved to the United States when I was twenty-four years old. Ever since, I have been researching the diasporic patterns and the migratory cultural production of both Italy—my home country—and the Latin American Southern Cone—particularly Argentina. I am specialized in Italian and Latin American Literature and Visual Arts with an interdisciplinary interest in the fields of Environmental Humanities and Migration/Diasporic Studies. I have a Ph.D. from the University of Virginia (2020), and I have recently collaborated with Columbia University and the University of Manchester as Research Fellow. People and art are my personal and professional passion.


Ph.D., Spanish, 2020, University of Virginia (GPA 3.9/4) Latin American Studies


M.A., Spanish, 2016, University of Virginia (GPA 3.9/4) Latin American and Peninsular Studies


M.A., Comparative Literature, 2013, University of Turin (GPA 110/110)


B.A., Comparative Literature, 2011, University of Turin (GPA 106/100)



Bonino, Nicole. “Más allá del conflicto: matices ecocríticos en ‘A la deriva’ por Horacio Quiroga”. Chasqui. Revista de literatura latinoamericana (accepted for publication, forthcoming in November 2022)

Bonino, Nicole. Hibridismo literario y naturalismo criollo: el caso de Antonio Argerich. El Cid, no. 31, 2021, pp. 7-13

Bonino, Nicole. “Villa Miseria también es América: Resistance and Resilience in Argentinian Slums During the   Covid19 Pandemic. Spanish and Portuguese Review, no. 6, Fall 2020, pp. 9-21


Bonino, Nicole. “GénovaBuenos Aires: paisaje oceánico y migración en Sull’Oceano (1889) de Edmondo De  Amicis. Exégesis, no. 3, Fall 2019-Spring 2020, pp. 93-107


Bonino, Nicole. “Colombia no tiene quien la cure: el discurso médico en El coronel no tiene quien le escriba  

(195861) de Gabriel García Márquez. Hispanófila. Ensayos de literatura, no. 184, December 2018, pp. 69-83




Bonino, Nicole. “Migración y ecocrítica: paisajes urbanos en la literatura ítaloargentina. In La cosa nostra:  estudios lingüístico-literarios sobre la inmigración italiana en Argentina, ed. Augusto Lorenzino. Buenos Aires: Editorial Dunken, 2019, pp. 11-29



Bonino, Nicole, and Stella Mattioli. “Keeping up with Social Changes in Second Language Acquisition”. Drive-Thru Pedagogy, Studio for Teaching and Learning Innovation, March 2022


Bonino, Nicole. “Covid19 and the City: Visual Art, Social Media, and Performance in a Lockeddown Buenos Aires. Global COVIDiaries, May 2020

Bonino, Nicole. “Coastal Futures Conservatory Open Lab: Bridging Science, Art, and Community. Environmental Humanities at UVA, September 2019

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    “Argentinian ARTivism in a Kaleidoscopic Urban Arena” (In progress)


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