Teaching subjects: English literature, Arabic literature in translation, World literature in translation, Creative writing, Cultural Studies, Education. Research subjects: Gibali (Jebbali/ Sheri) culture, Dhofari and Omani history and culture, Intercultural Communication, English Literature, Travel Writing, Pedagogy, Anthropology

Other Publications

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    My current project looks at the pragmatics and cultural beliefs about the how, where and why of houses in the Dhofar region of southern Oman. I want to look at the material aspect of houses (how houses are designed, sited and built), as well as functional purposes such as how people move through spared spaces during a typical day while maintaining individual and family privacy, who is in control of decorating choices and what are the rules governing when guests may visit. I would also like to look at the symbolic aspect of houses, e.g. when are houses seen as clean or dirty and what makes a house beautiful. While most writing about buildings on the Arabian Peninsula concentrates on either traditional/ historic structures or urban architectural wonders, my work focuses on middle-class, modern housing. The information presented is built on 17 years of research on the Arabian Peninsula, formal interviews, visits to many Omani houses and the author’s ten years of living in Dhofari-designed houses in Dhofari neighborhoods.



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