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    Deadlines have been extended to *March 19* for proposals for MLA 2014!!

    Alt‑Academic Feminism I: “Teaching Outside the Classroom through Digital Humanities, Women’s Caucus for Modern Languages at the MLA, Chicago, 1/9‑12/2014. Amid Fembot Collective, Black Girls Code, MOOCs, Abrogrammers, new collaborations, how are women teaching, learning, connecting (or not) via DH? 250‑word proposals to Teresa Mangum (tmangum@uiowa.edu). We invite you to propose a topic for this 2014 guaranteed session, a roundtable in which 4‑5 participants offer provocative comments to inspire lively discussion.

    Alt‑Academic Feminism II: “Theorizing Collaborative Action Beyond Classrooms”: Community‑based, integrative, and service‑learning as recognized high‑impact practices but also vulnerable programs; what are models/risks of framing activist work as teaching/research/service responsibilities? 250‑word proposals to Jessica Ketcham Weber (jweber@cascadia.edu).

    Alt‑Academic Feminism III: “Feminist Vulnerability on Post‑Feminist Campuses.” Success, support, problems, or backlash in developing programs/curriculum, equity in policy (e.g., FMLA, harassment), personnel (e.g., representation/workload), and hiring (e.g., contingent labor). What does it mean to live on a post-feminist campus with a pre-feminist workload? To have colleagues or administrators behave as though activism on policy, guidelines, or hiring is passé when women have “taken over”? What are the best practices to assure that workplaces support gendered issues? 250-word proposals to Michelle Massé (mmasse@lsu.edu)