I am historian of urban communication and visual culture, with a comparative focus on the towns and cities of England and the German-speaking lands, c.1300–1530. I am particularly interested in intersections of economic and cultural history, the communicative construction of identities, institutions, and spaces, and antagonisms and convergences of urban, monastic, and noble culture. I completed my Ph.D. at Durham University as a Leverhulme Doctoral Scholar (in a cotutelle arrangement with Münster University) and worked as a Graduate Teaching Assistant at Durham and King’s College London. Currently I am a Research Fellow at the German Historical Institute London.


2015–2019: PhD Student in History (Durham University & Münster University)
2013–2014: Master of Studies in Medieval History (Oxford University)
2010–2013: Bachelor of Arts in History and Linguistics (Bielefeld University)


Journal Articles

—‘Reversed, Defaced, Replaced: Late Medieval London and the Heraldic Communication of Discontent and Protest’, in: Journal of Medieval History 45.4 (2019), 618–645, <http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/03044181.2019.1669211>

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—‘“Todos los ciuidadanos toman armas a su plazer”: Heraldic Self-Representation and Commemoration in Town Houses and Urban Churches (England and Germany in the Late Middle Ages), in: Armas e Troféus: IX Série 20 (2018), 139–170

—‘Wappen, Rituale und Konflikte: Heraldische Kommunikation und die visuelle Kultur der spätmittelalterlichen Stadt in Deutschland und England’, in: Mitteilungen der Residenzen-Kommission der Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Göttingen: Neue Folge: Stadt und Hof 7 (2018), 41–56

Book Chapters

—with Mario Damen, ‘Heraldry and Territory: Coats of Arms and the Representation and Construction of Authority in Space’, in: Constructing and Representing Territory in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe, ed. by Mario Damen und Kim Overlaet, Amsterdam University Press: Amsterdam, 2021, 245–275, <https://library.oapen.org/handle/20.500.12657/52143>

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—‘History on the Walls and Windows to the Past: Heraldic Commemoration of Historical Identity in Late Medieval English and German Town Halls’, in: Heraldry in Medieval State-Rooms, ed. by Torsten Hiltmann and Miguel Metelo de Seixas (Heraldic Studies 3), Thorbecke: Ostfildern, 149–164


—‘Broken Symbols: Display and Destruction during the Attack on the Capitol’, in: German Historical Institute London Blog, 2020, <https://ghil.hypotheses.org/313&gt;

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Book Reviews

— ‘Neue Perspektiven einer Kulturgeschichte der Heraldik’, in: Mittelalter: Interdisziplinäre Forschung und Rezeptionsgeschichte, 2014, <http://mittelalter.hypotheses.org/4930&gt;

—‘Ceremony and Civility: Civic Culture in Late Medieval London’, by Barbara A. Hanawalt, in: Urban History 46.4 (2019), 768–770  —‘Neue alte Sachlichkeit: Studienbuch Materialität des Mittelalters’, edited by Jan Keupp and Romedio Schmitz-Esser, in: German History 34.4 (2016), 672–673

Blog Posts


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