Ph.D. (University of Cincinnati)

B.A. Hon. (University of Calgary)

Other Publications

“Polychronius of Apamea and Daniel 11: Seleucid History through the Eyes of an Antiochene Biblical Interpreter.” Forthcoming in R. Oetjen and F. X. Ryan (eds.), Seleukeia: Studies in Seleucid History, Archaeology and Numismatics in Honor of Getzel M. Cohen. Berlin: De Gruyter, 2018.

John Lydus, On the Months (De Mensibus), 2nd ed. 2017. [translated, annotated, and with a scholarly introduction] [Review: McAlhany]

Origen of Alexandria: Exegetical Works on Ezekiel. Ipswich, 2014. [translated, annotated, partially edited Greek text; general editor R. Pearse][Amazon][Reviews: Martens; Christman; Vianes]

  • Comprehensive collection of all extant exegesis of Ezekiel by Origen, with English translation: Homilies and Greek fragments. Some highlights:

  • Latin homily text can be compared with corresponding Greek fragments

  • Greek text corrected and supplemented by reference to cod. Ottobon. 452 — including some newly edited fragments (see p. 410) and some recently edited by Vianes (see p. 409), and a new testimonium on ch. 37 (?)

  • Significant additions / supplements at 3.2; 3.20; 7.26(b); 9.9; 13.2(d); 14.4(a); 17.13(c); 30.6(b)

  • Identification of some doubtful or inauthentic fragments (on the basis of ms. attribution): 4.16; 7.17-18(a); 7.26(c); 8.17-18(c); 13.9(a); 14.13(b); 16.7(b); 16.10(d)-(e); 16.30(a); 16.48(b); 17.13(c); 18.6(c); 18.23; 32.23

  • New reference to the asterisk, a critical sign used by Origen — fr. 7.27(a)

  • Reference to obelus and discussion derived from Origen’s Commentary (fr. 32.17) newly incorporated among the collection of Origen’s fragments

  • Citation of Symmachus restored (fr. 9.2)

  • Etymological (onomastic) fragments probably to be attributed to Origen — included as an appendix

  • Frequent cross-references to Jerome’s commentary (in notes to the Greek fragments especially)


The Use of Sibyls and Sibylline Oracles in Early Christian Writers. Diss. Cincinnati 2008.


“Theosophy: Reconstructing a Compendium of Greek Wisdom” (Apr. 2013, CAMWS)

“Lost in Translation: Polychronius on Biblical Obscurity and Hebrew Text” (May 2012, NAPS)

“As Some of Your Own Poets Have Said: Early Christian Interpretation of the Pagan Quotations in the New Testament” (2010)

“Greek Oracles in a Christian Setting: The Citations of Didymus the Blind” (2008)

“An Oracle on Christology in the ‘Theosophical’ Tradition” (2008)

“Fits and Starts: Early Christians on the 4th Eclogue and Vergil’s Inspiration” (2002)

“Sibyls and Sibylline Oracles in the Writings of Clement of Alexandria” (2000)


“The Fourth Kingdom: Hellenistic History, Pagan Scholarship, and Biblical Interpretation” (April 2011, Augustana College, Rock Island)

“Pagan Prophets of Christ: Early Christian Use of Greco-Roman Mantic Figures” (Mar. 2004, Millsaps College)



Latin Video Games and Apps: Ongoing development project to produce games and applications useful for Latin learning (as well as to foster a student group formed with an interest in video game development)

Catena on Ezekiel: a prototype website on the historical interpretation (especially Patristic) of the book of Ezekiel, based on the Greek catena containing comments of Origen, Polychronius, and others.

ClassicsIndex: Links to Online Books for the Study of Greek and Roman Classics, Early Judaism, and Christianity

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