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    Scholar of Japanese pre- and post-war popular music, film and fashion

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    Assessing the Impact of 1960s American Folk Music on the Baby Boom College Experience and Japanese Popular Music Ryukoku Intercultural Studies 25: [refereed]

    Occupation Base Club Musicians, Jazz Vocalists Eri Chiemi and Yukimura Izumi, and the Reshaping of Japan’s Postwar Popular Music Industry. C Feb 2021



    “Kitagawa Johnny: The Showa Returnee Who Re-Imagined the American Musical as Idol Teen Culture for the Heisei Era and Beyond.” Ryukoku Intercultural Studies 24: 15-28 [refereed]



    “Electrifying the Japanese Teenager Across Generations: The Role of the Electric Guitar in Japan’s Popular Culture” in Alisa Freedman and Toby Slade, eds., Introducing Japanese Popular Culture (London: Routledge, 2019).


    The Chianti Five: Using a “Swinging London” Template and the Evanescent Career of The Tigers to Explore the Reshaping of Japanese Pop Culture, 1966-70


    “Ginza Shopping: Evaluating Evidence for Middle-Class Women’s Adoption of a Modern Yofuku Fashion-based Niju Seikatsu Identity in Mid-1930s Japan” Ryukoku Intercultural Studies” 19: 3-17 [refereed]

    2012 Crafting the Showa Dream in Popular Song: “Hachi-Roku” and the Invention of Modern Kayokyoku, 1959-69



    Outselling the Beatles: Assessing the Influence and Legacy of the Ventures on Japanese Musicians and Popular Music in the 1960s 2008


    American Country Music in Post-War Japan: Lost Piece in the Popular Music Puzzle 5.‘Rokabiri’, Student Radicalism and the Japanization of American Pop Culture, 1955-60

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