Maude Havenne is a PhD student in Spanish Literature and Cultural Studies at Georgetown University. Her primary fields of inquiry include transatlantic and postcolonial Hispanic and Francophone literature and cinema with a special interest in the representation of disgust in Equatoguinean and Congolese cultural productions. Before focusing on what she defines as a “(Post)colonial Aesthetics of Disgust,” Maude was a visiting Assistant in Research at Yale University, a Belgian American Educational Foundation fellow (BAEF), and a member of the Belgian National Fund for Scientific Research (FNRS). Focusing particularly on Raúl Ruiz’s movies, she has collaborated with Benoît Peeters to compose Ruiz’s complete filmography in Raoul Ruiz, le Magicien (Les Impressions Nouvelles, 2015) and has published other research on Raúl Ruiz, Eduardo Halfon, and cultural globalization in Honoré Champion Editions (Paris), Revista Iberoamericana (Pittsburgh), and Textos Híbridos (Chile/US), among others. She has also worked as an intern at the Archives et Musée de la Littérature (Brussels) and at EGJustice (Washington, D.C.) and is passionate about classical music (she earned a M.A. in musicology from the University of Louvain in 2016) and outdoor activities (especially climbing, skiing, and kayaking).

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