My research focuses on Shakespeare and dramatic literature. I also write fiction and a bit of poetry.


Marquette University, PhD

Indiana State University, MA

St. Mary-of-the-Woods College, BA

Other Publications

Scholarly Publications:

• Hubert’s Encounters with the Succession in Shakespeare’s King John,” Selected Papers of the Ohio Valley Shakespeare Conference, (March 2018): 29-43.
• “Cincinnati Shakespeare’s Henry VI, Part 2,”  Early Modern Culture, June 2017.
• “Hamlet, Art, and Apoptosis: The Shakespearean Artwork of Julie Newdoll,” Interdisciplinary Literary Studies, 17.4 (2015): 540-58. (Images of Newdoll’s Shakespeare work can be found here.)
• “The Liminal Space between Feminism and Misogyny: Introducing Playwright Nina Raine’s Rabbit,” Studies in the Humanities, 41.1&2 (March 2015): 192-208.
• “A Conversation with Nina Raine, April 5, 2014” (Interview); Studies in the Humanities, 41.1&2 (March 2015): 209-234.
• “Resurrect Your Darlings: Falstaff’s Death(s), Resurrection(s), and Lasting Influence,” Shakespeare Newsletter, 63.3 (Spring 2014): 97-100.
• Synopsis of Henry IV, Part One (2700 words). Companion to Shakespeare. Facts on File Press, 2012.
• Character List for Henry IV, Part One (800 words). Companion to Shakespeare. Facts on File Press, 2012.
• Character entries for all speaking roles in Shakespeare’s Richard II; Henry IV, Part One; Henry IV, Part Two; and Henry V (120 characters; 100-300 words per entry). Dictionary of Literary Characters, edited by Michael Sollars, Facts on File, 2010.

Creative Publications: 

• “Cravings,” Rat’s Ass Review, online April 2017, print forthcoming in a collection titled Such an Ugly Time, poems chronicling the first 100 days of the Trump presidency. Poem.
• “Carpool,” Down in the Dirt Magazine, Scars Publications, online February 2017, print forthcoming September 1, 2017. Short Story.
 “One Last Kiss for Karl,” So It Goes (The literary journal of the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library), November 2016. Short Story.
• “Play Ball,” Across the Margin, September 2016. Short Story. (Recognized as one of fifteen “finest fiction” publications in Across the Margin, 2016.)
• “Once upon a Train,” Spelk, July 2016. Flash Fiction.
• “The Shadow of Perfection,” The Avenue, June 2016. Print. Short Story.
• “In the Absence of a Translator,” Johnny America, February 26, 2016. Short Story.
• “The Devil in Our Own Back Yard,” Quintessence 3, 2005, Short Story.
• “My Would-be Lavinia,” “A Henry in the Bushes,” and “Regrettably Elusive,”Quintessence 3, 2005, Poems.
 “Being a Woman,” Quintessence 2, 2004, Short Story.
• “Eight Drafts of a Letter Never Sent,” Quintessence 1, 2003, Short Story.
• “Window Watching.”The Incandescent Jungle, 2001, Poem.

Blog Posts


    Prodigality, Debt, and Power in Shakespeare’s History Plays – monograph, in progress.


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