My research focuses on Shakespeare and dramatic literature. I also write fiction and a bit of poetry.


Marquette University, PhD Indiana State University, MA St. Mary-of-the-Woods College, BA

Other Publications

Scholarly Publications: • “Hubert’s Encounters with the Succession in Shakespeare’s King John,” Selected Papers of the Ohio Valley Shakespeare Conference, (March 2018): 29-43. • “Cincinnati Shakespeare’s Henry VI, Part 2,”  Early Modern Culture, June 2017. • “Hamlet, Art, and Apoptosis: The Shakespearean Artwork of Julie Newdoll,” Interdisciplinary Literary Studies, 17.4 (2015): 540-58. (Images of Newdoll’s Shakespeare work can be found here.) • “The Liminal Space between Feminism and Misogyny: Introducing Playwright Nina Raine’s Rabbit,” Studies in the Humanities, 41.1&2 (March 2015): 192-208. • “A Conversation with Nina Raine, April 5, 2014” (Interview); Studies in the Humanities, 41.1&2 (March 2015): 209-234. • “Resurrect Your Darlings: Falstaff’s Death(s), Resurrection(s), and Lasting Influence,” Shakespeare Newsletter, 63.3 (Spring 2014): 97-100. • Synopsis of Henry IV, Part One (2700 words). Companion to Shakespeare. Facts on File Press, 2012. • Character List for Henry IV, Part One (800 words). Companion to Shakespeare. Facts on File Press, 2012. • Character entries for all speaking roles in Shakespeare’s Richard II; Henry IV, Part One; Henry IV, Part Two; and Henry V (120 characters; 100-300 words per entry). Dictionary of Literary Characters, edited by Michael Sollars, Facts on File, 2010. Creative Publications:  • “Cravings,” Rat’s Ass Review, online April 2017, print forthcoming in a collection titled Such an Ugly Time, poems chronicling the first 100 days of the Trump presidency. Poem. • “Carpool,” Down in the Dirt Magazine, Scars Publications, online February 2017, print forthcoming September 1, 2017. Short Story. • “One Last Kiss for Karl,” So It Goes (The literary journal of the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library), November 2016. Short Story. • “Play Ball,” Across the Margin, September 2016. Short Story. (Recognized as one of fifteen “finest fiction” publications in Across the Margin, 2016.) • “Once upon a Train,” Spelk, July 2016. Flash Fiction. • “The Shadow of Perfection,” The Avenue, June 2016. Print. Short Story. • “In the Absence of a Translator,” Johnny America, February 26, 2016. Short Story. • “The Devil in Our Own Back Yard,” Quintessence 3, 2005, Short Story. • “My Would-be Lavinia,” “A Henry in the Bushes,” and “Regrettably Elusive,”Quintessence 3, 2005, Poems.  “Being a Woman,” Quintessence 2, 2004, Short Story. • “Eight Drafts of a Letter Never Sent,” Quintessence 1, 2003, Short Story. • “Window Watching.”The Incandescent Jungle, 2001, Poem.


Prodigality, Debt, and Power in Shakespeare’s History Plays – monograph, in progress.


• Modern Language Association • Midwest Modern Language Association • Pacific Ancient and Modern Languages Association • Shakespeare Association of America • Shaksper: The Global Electronic Shakespeare Conference

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