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    And I realize that I posted this to the general, not only to romanticists! I have the tech-savvy of a newt. Apologies. No insult to newts.

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    Hi all — I thought I would share this link to an essay I wrote for Farrar, Straus & Giroux’s “Work-in-Progress” site–on romanticism and the way it inflects my new book of poems “THIS BLUE”: http://www.fsgworkinprogress.…

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    TO: Romanticists and Friends of:

    There will be FOUR panels sponsored or co-sponsored by the Division on the English Romantic Period at the upcoming MLA: MARK YOUR CALENDARS and support Romanticism!

    Please do attend: in the middle of various MLA consolidation pushes (see the Restoration and late-18th C. Divisional duress), it is important…[Read more]


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