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    “Notre-Dame in Jean Fouquet’s Hours of Etienne Chevalier, ca. 1452-52” is a book excerpt of May Spangler’s “Paris in Architecture, Literature and Art,” recently published at Peter Lang. Designed for an interdisciplinary course in Cultural Studies, the book capitalizes on the little exposure liberal arts students have to architecture, and the widespread popularity of Paris across the curriculum. The student textbook (409 pages, 195 illustrations) presents an overview of Paris from the Middles Ages to present. The teacher manual e-book (753 pages, 77 illustrations and complimentary with the purchase of the textbook) provides detailed commentaries of all the documents presented in the student textbook. The book excerpt is followed by an abstract of all chapters. There will be a BOOK SIGNING for “Paris in Architecture, Literature and Art” at the Chicago MLA Convention. Please join May Spangler on Saturday January 5 at 11:30, at the Peter Lang Booth # 107 in the Exhibit Hall of the Hyatt Regency Chicago. For more information, visit emory.academia.edu/MaySpangler