Matt Bernico is the Assistant Professor of Communication and Media Studies at Greenville University in Greenville, Il. Matt’s research interests are in media archaeology, the history of pseudoscience, the philosophy of technology, and the political rhetoric of Christianity.


Europäische Universität für Interdisziplinäre Studien | European Graduate School, Valais, CH — 2013 – 2016
Ph. D. in Media and Communication 
Advisor: Dr. Simon Critchley & Dr. Chris Fynsk
Dissertation Title: Anthro-Aesthetics: The Subtraction of Human Judgment  
(Defended April 2016)

University of Illinois in Springfield, Springfield, Il — 2010 – 2013
M.A. in Political Philosophy and Cultural Theory
Advisor: Dr. Richard Gilman-Opalsky
Thesis: Capitalism as a Body without Organs: An Autonomist Account of Capital

Greenville College, Greenville, Il — 2007 – 2010
B.A. in Philosophy
Advisor: Dr. Christina Smerick

Other Publications

Edited Volumes
Ontic Flows: From Digital to Post Humanities.  Co-editor w/ Manuela Kölke, Atropos Press. 2016.

Peer Reviewed Articles
Bernico, Matt, (2018). The European Topos. Media-N. (14). https://iopn.library.illinois.edu/journals/median/article/view/56
Bernico, Matt, (2018). Apocryphal media: an archaeology of mediated paranormal presence. Artnodes. (21). DOI: http://doi.org/10.7238/a.v0i21.3174
Atmoterrorism and Atmodesign in the 21st Century: Mediating Flint’s Water Crisis, Cosmos and History, by Matt Bernico & Dean Dettloff, Editors: Arran Gare Paul Ashton. Vol 13, No 1 (2017). Pg. 156-189
Anthropodicy: An Anarchism of Things, Anarchist Developments in Cultural Studies, by Matt Bernico, Editors: Nathan Jun & Jesse Cohn, Punctum Books, 2015.

Book Chapters
Paranoid Perfection: The Body without Organs of the Christian in This Is My Body: Philosophical Reflections on the Body in a Wesleyan Spirit. Editors: Christina Smerick & John Brittingham, Pickwick Publications. 2016.

The Posthumanities, Theorizing the Digital Humanities, Editors: Matt Bernico & Manuela Kölke, Atropos Press, 2016.
Introduction to Enclosures: Adventures In Acquiescence, Nick Houde, Atropos Press, 2015.

Edited Journals
Apocryphal Technology, Continent, Editors: Matt Bernico Co-Editor w/ Paul Boshears, Jamie Allen, Issue 5.3 / 2016. (Forthcoming)

Intangible Architecture, Continent, Editors: Matt Bernico Co-Editor w/ Lital Khaikin, Paul Boshears, Jamie Allen, Issue 4.3 / 2015 1-2.

Book Reviews
Review: Precarious Communism: Manifest Mutations, Manifesto Detourned – Richard Gilman-Opalsky, Rhizomes: Cultural Studies in Emerging Knowledge, Issue 27. 2014, 

Review: After the Future – Franco “Bifo” Berardi, Cognitariat: Journal of Contingent Labor, Vol 1. 2013,

Other Publications
Enclosure, Exclusion, Expansion: A Media Archeology of Barbed Wire, Can a Line Define? The Art Gallery of the College of Staten Island The City University of New York 

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