Psychoanalytic criticism, American Literature, Critical Theory, Human-Animal Studies


PhD, Literature, Cuza University, 2013

Other Publications

“Literature and Psychoanalysis: Whose Madness is it anyway?” Acta Iassyensia  Comparationis no. 17 (1/2016): 31-36.

“Poe’s Strategies of Seduction: Transference, Incongruity and the Undecidability of Meaning.” American and British Studies Annual, vol.8 (2015): 22-31.

“The Urge to Tell vs. the Need to Conceal: Confession as Narrative Desire in Poe’s ‘The Black Cat,’ ‘The Tell-Tale Heart’ and ‘The Imp of the Perverse’.” American and British Studies Annual, vol.7 (2014): 98-108.

“Poe’s ‘The Gold-Bug’: from the Reading of Madness to the Madness of its Readings.” Philologica Jassyensia 1.19 (2014): 131-138.

“The Psychoanalytic Concept of Transference: Its Applications in Literary and Translation Studies. Transferential Models of Reading.” Studies in Science and Culture, vol. 3 (2013): 127-135

“Unlocking the Text within the Text: Functions of the Act of Reading in Poe’s ‘The Sphinx’ and ‘The Oval Portrait’.” Scientific Bulletin, A Series, Philology Fascicle XXII (2013): 129-137.

“From the Text-as-Symptom to the Critic-as-Analysand: New Approaches in Psychoanalytic Criticism.” Annals of Ovidius University Constanta – Philology 24.1 (2013): 86-93.

“Between Analyst and Analysand: Poe and the Psychoanalytic Critic. Revisiting “The Purloined Letter.” East-West Cultural Passage vol.2 (2012): 21-32.

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