Linnea Zeiner is a counter-culture feminist historian and digital humanist conducting multi-disciplinary research in transmedia platforms of scholarship, presentation, and pedagogy. She earned her M.A. in History from San Diego State University, where as a graduate student she initiated the use of digital platforms and Digital Humanities best-practices in the jumbo lower-division U.S. history classes. Linnea’s thesis, grunge feminism: performing gender paradox in queered plays of hypertexuality, published in 2015, is the first born-digital, interactive thesis at San Diego State. It is a multi-modal work presenting a non-linear and completely interactive reader experience that is designed to open up new interpretative opportunities in the digital classroom.

Currently, Ms. Zeiner continues her work with the SDSU Digital Humanities Initiative, innovating digital pedagogy for humanities classes and working with the San Diego Digital Humanities Consortium to help the region’s diverse learning institutions innovate DH pedagogy to enhance the learning experiences of underrepresented student communities.

She joined The Department of Classics and Humanities as a Lecturer in 2016, teaching HUM409 (The Future). Working out of the experimental and collaborative environment of the ITS Learning Research Studios, this class engages with speculative, pop-ontological, and techno-anxiety inducing sci-fi to explore the broad spectrum of realities presented in visual as well as written narratives, and to critique the social constructions of bodies and spaces in “The Future”.



San Diego State University | M.A., History: December 2015

San Diego State University | Community College Teaching Certificate: May 2015

Le Cordon Bleu Paris, France | Certificate de Cuisine de Base | May 2002

Calvin College | Grand Rapids, Michigan. B.A., Business Administration : May 1997




grunge feminism: performing gender paradox in queered plays of hypertextuality

Grunge Feminism is a multi-modal work presenting a non-linear and completely interactive reader experience. The thesis has intensionally embedded multimedia primary sources for three-dimensional engagement and examination that open up new interpretative opportunities that expand beyond the work itself. This thesis is the first interactive scholarly work produced by a student at San Diego State University. 


Claiming that the history of grunge and the meaning of its musical expression has suffered as a result of its early categorization as a hyper-masculinized rock genre, this thesis explores grunge as a performative feminism. Grunge feminism questions late 20th-century American concepts of gender, sexuality, and feminism through queered and Camped lyrics, vocals, and speech. The thesis focuses on Courtney Love as a queer provocateur who deliberately deconstructed gender in the 1990s and successfully weakened the ability of the commercialized music industry to commodify the female body and its associated binary gender constraints.


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    The Future (HUM409) [HON]   August 2016-Present

    Hacking History (H110)   October 2014-May 2015

    Technology Integration Pilot in U.S. History (H109) Fall 2014  

    Building and Broadening the Digital Humanities Through a Regional Network-NEH Grant Level 1 (Participant) September 2015-May 2016

    Digital Humanities Initiative at San Diego State University  Fall 2014-Present

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