I’m a public librarian and independent scholar from Youghalarra, Co. Tipperary. I’ve been based in Limerick City and County Library service for over ten years and I specialise in reference services, local history research and the digitisation, retrieval, and preservation of materials.  I am a graduate of the University of Limerick and Aberystwyth University and my special research interests are the history of racialised chattel slavery, the politics of memory, unfree labour in the Atlantic world, the Irish in the Atlantic world and the history/ideology of the far-right/ethno-nationalism. I have published work with openDemocracy, theJournal.ie, Old Limerick Journal, History Ireland, TortoiseThe Irish Story and Rabble magazine. I was also interviewed by the Southern Poverty Law Centre, The New York Times, Pacific Standard magazine, Christian Science Monitor, Al Jazeera, Public Radio International, The Irish Times and Inverse about my years of work tracking and exposing the appropriation and distortion of Irish history by white supremacists via the “Irish slaves” meme.


B.Tech (Hons.) MA (Hons.) University of Limerick
GradDipLIS (Hons.) Aberystwyth University

Other Publications

Journal Articles
Hogan, L. (2020), ‘The wisdom which is from above is without partiality’ Samuel Ringgold Ward in Limerick (1855), Old Limerick Journal, No. 55, TBD
Hogan, L. (2019), Frank McGrath: Youghalarra’s Influential Republican Leader, Annals of Arra, Vol. 1
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Hogan, L. (2018) Margaret Hinchey: Immigrant, Labour Leader, Suffragette, Old Limerick Journal, No. 53
Hogan, L. (2017) ‘Treat the coloured people as your equals’: Charles Lenox Remond in Limerick and the failure of the Anti-Slavery Irish Address (1841), Old Limerick Journal, No.52
Hogan, L. (2017) Myten: Irländare var ju också slavar, Från Expo #1-2017, Swedish translation by Morgan Finnsiö
Hogan, L., McAtackney, L., and Reilly, M. (2016), The Irish in the Anglo-Caribbean: servants or slaves?, History Ireland, Issue 2 (March/April 2016), Vol. 24, 18-22
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Hogan, L. (2014) Grace Greenwood and Uncle Tom’s Cabin in Limerick (1852-’53), Old Limerick Journal, No.48, 3-6

Articles, &c.

Hogan, L. (2020), Were Irish people the “first slaves in America”?, Mediumhttps://medium.com/@Limerick1914/factcheck-were-the-irish-the-first-slaves-in-america-e0df2f6a6e73
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Hogan, L. (2018), Survey of the “No Irish Need Apply” qualification in classified ads in U.S. newspapers (1827–1919), Medium https://medium.com/@Limerick1914/survey-of-the-no-irish-need-apply-qualification-in-classified-ads-in-u-s-newspapers-1827-1919-af77e79ace4c
Hogan, L. (2018), The myth that Goodwife Glover, the Irish woman executed for witchcraft in Boston in 1688, was an “Irish slave”, Medium https://medium.com/@Limerick1914/the-murder-of-goodwife-glover-in-boston-and-the-politicisation-of-her-death-two-centuries-later-via-90ab171fe576
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Hogan, L. (2018), The Abuse of History: Jason L. Riley’s co-option of Irish history in an attempt to gird his political and personal ideology, Medium URL: https://medium.com/@Limerick1914/the-abuse-of-history-681924717930
Hogan, L. (2017), You Best Not Miss: The Ancient Order of Hibernians, History Ireland magazine and the legitimisation of ahistorical propaganda, Medium URL: https://medium.com/@Limerick1914/the-ancient-order-of-hibernians-history-ireland-magazine-and-the-accommodation-of-ahistorical-ec393928e787
Hogan, L. (2017), Reviewing the fallout from an influential but fatally flawed work of popular history about “white slaves”, Medium URL: https://medium.com/@Limerick1914/reviewing-the-fallout-from-an-influential-but-fatally-flawed-work-of-popular-history-about-white-be6cfc37069b
Hogan, L. (2017), How the Doctor Who episode ‘Thin Ice’ is an allegory for slavery, Medium URL: https://medium.com/@Limerick1914/the-doctor-who-episode-thin-ice-is-an-allegory-for-slavery-cb7bc3ba9bb1
Hogan, L. (2017), The founder of Irish Central attempts to whitewash their influential role in spreading ahistorical “Irish slaves” propaganda, Medium URL: https://medium.com/@Limerick1914/niall-odowd-whitewashes-history-by-denying-the-role-irish-central-continue-to-play-spreading-b602522a11f8
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Hogan, L. (2015), A review of the numbers in the “Irish slaves” meme, Medium, URL: https://medium.com/@Limerick1914/a-review-of-the-numbers-in-the-irish-slaves-meme-1857988fd93c
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Hogan, L. (2015), “Kiss me, my slave owners were Irish”: an essay exploring slave ownership among those of Irish descent, Medium https://medium.com/@Limerick1914/kiss-me-my-slave-owners-were-irish-86316555796c
Hogan, L. (2015) How the African victims of the Zong Massacre were replaced with “Irish slaves”, Medium URL: https://medium.com/@Limerick1914/how-the-african-victims-of-the-zong-massacre-were-replaced-with-irish-slaves-2574dac1fc55
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Hogan, L. (2015),  ‘I Will Sing the Song of Companionship’: Peter Doyle– Former Confederate, Walt Whitman’s Muse & Lover, Irish in the American Civil War URL: https://irishamericancivilwar.com/2015/05/23/i-will-sing-the-song-of-companionship-limericks-peter-doyle-the-former-confederate-who-became-walt-whitmans-muse-lover/
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This article also featured in the BTS Syllabus.
Hogan, L. (2014), Critique of Sean O’Callaghan’s “To Hell or Barbados”, Medium (Originally published on academia.edu, re-upped to Medium in 2018) URL: https://medium.com/@Limerick1914/critique-of-sean-ocallaghan-s-to-hell-or-barbados-aea31469d3a2
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Hogan, L. (2012) The Anti-Unionist Riot in Limerick (October 1912), History is what we choose to remember URL: https://limerick100.wordpress.com/2012/10/10/limerick-riots-october-1912/#more-25
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Blog Posts


    Digital Humanities

    Limerick and World War One
    How do you communicate the scale of Limerick’s loss during World War One. In what was one of the most traumatic events in Limerick’s history since the Great Famine (over 1,000 violent deaths), we sought to visually represent the scale of the death toll by creating a series of interactive maps. As project lead and designer I was interviewed about this public library centenary project by Mike Dwayne for the Limerick Leader and Sinead O’Carroll for theJournal.ie

    Collective Punishment: Mob Violence, Riots and Pogroms against African American Communities (1824-1974)
    We sought to collate a comprehensive record of white mob violence that collectively punished African American communities across the United States. While the thousands of lynchings that occurred were also a form of racial terrorism against the African American community we have generally excluded them from this project. Where lynchings have been included they are generally crimes which were especially perpetrated to terrorise the wider community, e.g. the lynching in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1927 where the body of the victim was dragged into the middle of the African American area and burnt. Framed by racism, segregation and white supremacism, these violent incidents cover almost every aspect of American society. Housing, military, labour, unions, politics, business, religion, justice, police enforcement, education, and immigration. Thus we believe this data traces white supremacist efforts to assert dominance and control using terror and violence over a circa 200 year period. As the project lead and designer of this volunteer project I was interviewed by Rebecca Onion at Slate magazine.

    Cromwellian era transportations from Ireland: A documentary history
    In process

    A survey of the anti-Irish “No Irish Need Apply” qualification in classified ads in U.S. newspapers (1827–1919)
    In the wake of the renewed controversy about the prevalence and impact of NINA in classified ads in U.S. newspapers in 2015, I set about surveying all the available newspaper databases and found a total of 268 unique adverts, the most collated by any researcher or historian to date.

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