I am an Assistant Professor of German & Scandinavian Studies in the Department of Central, Eastern, and Northern European Studies at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. My teaching and research interests include 18th- to 20th-century German literature, the history and culture of the former East Germany, and German and Nordic film.


  • Ph.D., University of Massachusetts Amherst

  • M.A., University of Massachusetts Amherst

  • B.A., Hamline University

Other Publications


  • An Other Kind of Home: Gender-Sexual Abjection, Subjectivity, and the Uncanny in Literature and Film. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang, 2015. 181 pp. (R)

    • Reviewed in: Seminar: A Journal of Germanic Studies 53.4 (2017): 409-411.

Edited Books

  • Gender and Sexuality in East German Film: Intimacy and Alienation. Co-Ed. with Faye Stewart. Rochester, NY: Camden House, 2018. (R)

  • Classical Music in the German Democratic Republic: Production and Reception. Co-Ed. with Larson Powell. Rochester, NY: Camden House, 2015. (R)

    • Reviewed in Journal of European Studies 46.2 (2016): 198-200; Women in German Newsletter 127 (Summer 2016): 23-24; Music and Letters 97.2 (2016): 364-366; American Record Guide 79.2 (2016): 237; Monatshefte 109.2 (2017): 332-334; German Studies Review 40.3 (2017): 688-690.

  • From Weimar to Christiania: German and Scandinavian Studies in Context. Co-Ed. with Florence Feiereisen. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Press, 2007.

Journal Articles

Book Chapters

Encyclopedia Entries

  • Entries on “Swedish-Speakers in Finland,” “Einojuhani Rautavaara,” “Nobel Peace Prize,” and “Folk High Schools” in Encyclopedia of Contemporary Scandinavian Culture. Eds. Helena Forsås-Scott, Mary Hilson, and Titus Hjelm. London: Hurst & Co. (submitted)

  • Entries on “Lola und Bilidikid” and “Zurück auf los” in The Directory of World Cinema: Germany. Ed. Michelle Langford. Bristol: Intellect Books, 2012. 192-93, 196-97.

  • “Finland, Civil War, and Revolution, 1914-1918.” International Encyclopedia of Revolution and Protest: 1500 to the Present. Ed. Immanuel Ness. NY: Wiley-Blackwell, 2009. 1200-02. (R)

  • Entries on “German Literature,” “Magnus Hirschfeld,” and “Richard von Krafft-Ebing” in The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Love, Courtship, and Sexuality through History: The Nineteenth Century. Vol. 5. Ed. Susan Mumm. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2008. 138-42, 111-13, 130-32.

Non-Refereed Publications



Homosexuality in East Germany

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