Hello, MLA, and especially fellow 18th-cists! I’m happy to be nominated to the executive committee of the Restoration and Early Eighteenth-Century forum this year, and I hope you’ll consider a vote for me. I’ll bring to the committee and its future MLA programming my interests in literature and culture, sexuality, gender, race, social justice, and book history, as well as my commitment to thinking about how our period translates into the classroom and beyond the academy, particularly in the context of academic job scarcity. An active member of ASECS and chairperson of Columbia University’s Faculty Seminar in Eighteenth-Century European Culture, I am engaged with current work in and adjacent to our field, eager to challenge the boundaries it draws, and committed to foregrounding the work and voices of early-career researchers, precariously employed academics, and BIPOC scholars. For an overview of my publications, in-progress work, and recent talks, please click on my condensed CV below.

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